Wine which should appear in the wine tasting sessions

by:Sunnai     2020-06-17
Wine which should appear in the wine tasting session in 2019. 05. Generally, people begin to taste the wine is begin with 'easy entry' type, that is to say the flavor of wine with fruit is given priority to, mouthfeel is approachable, even with slight to balance the fruit sweet tannins. This is the general introduction to red wine style, easy to supplement a variety of food, the price is moderate. But still taste fresh stored within a week. When you begin to enter the high quality wine taste, with cellaring potential of those wines are extended, excellent wine can reach at least 20 years. For example, when you buy vintage is 2005, if this is a bottle of excellent wine ( The price from hundreds of yuan) , you may have to wait to taste it, 20 years later because wine aging in the bottle, let the phenol decomposition, finally enhance the mellow degrees. These wines mellow taste lubrication, complex flavor, let a person lifelong unforgettable. These wine storage environment have a great impact on the quality of the wine, for example, requires a high and stable relative humidity environment, the temperature kept at 18 degrees, large temperature fluctuations will lead to wine heat from the cold. Once the plug leak wine, wine will be oxidation and bacterial infection, etc. These are average household cannot do, so you need a professional design of wine cabinet to store these rich cellaring potential of wine. The price of the wine from a few hundred dollars to several thousand yuan a, it depends on your wine collection and hoard. White wine also is such, ordinary people like sweet riesling or crisp sauvignon blanc, the wine easy to entry, unfavorable and long-term hoard. In addition to the price is reasonable (introduction to wine $25 - $50) Outside the cellaring potential is very short, which means it is unlikely to continue in the bottle maturation to ultimately improve the quality of its. This involves grape quality of complex, such as the location of the vineyard terroir, entry-level wine with medium quality grapes, usually its hoard ability by natural factors, should taste as soon as possible rather than put them in the wine more than 10 years to enjoy. In that case, an introduction to wine does not add wine, can be placed at home refrigerator do short-term storage. A bottle of wine must be 'vacuum tap' ( 真空酒储蓄者) To keep fresh, its function is to remove a bottle of oxygen, oxidation speed to slow down the wine. These wines can be in refrigerator, therefore, the emergence of the stainless steel wine all depends on personal taste. If you are in the introduction stage, the money to buy wine available in taste more style of wine or buy a bigger refrigerator, free up more space for short-term storage of wine. When you enter the stage of high quality wine, wine would be a significant investment, should choose quality reliable brand to hoard your old 'wine. 'On a piece of news is custom red wine which details need to be pay attention to the' next news 'the origin of red wine
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