Wine cellar, red wine, wine lists

by:Sunnai     2020-06-16
Wine cellar, red wine, wine lists 2019. 11. 09 store too the most common way of storing wine is wine cellar, wine and wine. Wine cellar, wine, wine lists, see who is better? Wine cellar wine cellar is the floorboard of the space of about some related to wine, which includes wine cellar and the wine cellar. And we talk about today is the wine cellar. Advantage 1 and a greater storage capacity for liquor, wine cellar is an independent wine storage space, so in the space is relatively larger, the corresponding storage capacity is big. 2, high quality wine cellar wine storage in temperature, humidity, light, shock absorption, etc as to meet the requirement of professional, high quality wine storage. 3, clear wine cellar function, function, can satisfy the private wine cellar, villa, club house wine cellar, wine cellar wine cellar wine storage requirements of different functions, such as. 4, have their own unique style of wine cellar is a separate space, can design their own unique design style, for different tastes of wine lovers to choose from. Disadvantages 1, cost Gao Jianzao wine cellar, from site selection to equipment and style, etc. , the cost is higher. 2, accounts for a large space building cellar need to have an independent space, the space requirement is higher, and the space away from light, ventilated wait for wine storage conditions to be fulfilled. Wine is a special store wine cabinet, general with off-the-shelf and custom. 1, low cost advantages wine generally divided into off-the-shelf and custom, but no matter what kind of, the cost is low. 2, take up little space, wine cabinet, just as its name implies, is a store wine cabinet, so the occupied space is not large, can be anywhere in the corner. 3 classification, easy to store wine is not all the wine to the requirement of temperature and humidity are the same, so the small wine is advantageous for the classification of wine storage. Disadvantages 1, small storage capacity for liquor wine wine storage quantity is limited, is suitable for the small number of drinkers of wine. 2, store wine type single wine store wine is not suitable for placing different bottle and capacity of the wine. 3, the temperature is not constant at the top and bottom of the wine cabinet will be 2 ~ 3 degrees of small temperature difference. 4, free circulation is poor circulation is limited to wine wine kind. Five, shockproof compressor start and doors will produce vibration, which affect the quality of the wine contained in. Wine is wine storage shelves, and can be a part of the household to decorate, can also be a separate wine rack. Advantage 1, the lowest cost in the wine storage, the lowest cost of wine rack. 2, the space does not require wine rack can be anywhere in the home, without any requirements for space. 3, adornment sex is strong wine rack is not only to store wine shelf, or a very important role in home decoration. Disadvantages 1, the poor quality of the wine storage for some of the environmental requirements higher alcohol, wine rack is not suitable, because wine rack store wine quality is low. 2, safety performance is low, the wine storage requirement for space is very high, generally for independence, seal, and wine rack is exposed, so the security performance is extremely low. 'On a news' thermostat red wine processing difficulties 'next news' of red wine a can not only save the wine also can decorate household artifact
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