why multi-millionaire premier league stars are struggling to sell their palatial homes

by:Sunnai     2020-03-02
A region known as the \"golden triangle\" has long been a favorite of many people.
The millionaire football player needs to take root.
Part of the Cheshire countryside, including Wilmslow, Knutford, oldley edge and Prestbury, attracts Premier League stars seeking the most luxurious accommodations. A mix of ultra-
Executive Building and high floor
Residents mean that the streets in the \"golden triangle\" feature are one of the most expensive properties in the country.
Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, husky, Brown, Rio Ferdinand, Cantona, Rooney and Silva are all outstanding.
Sports celebrities, as we all know, call the area home.
But as the player\'s time at the club shortens with the passage of each season, more and more stars are now starting to turn to renting properties instead of buying them, this is throwing a wrench in the works of people trying to sell their palatial property.
Perhaps the most well-documented football player\'s home in the area is the luxury 11-
Former Sheffield United player Ashley Ward and the interior designer\'s home, Warford Hall, became the reality TV star\'s wife Dawn.
The property, located outside Alderley Edge in warwarford, was first listed in October 2013 and is considered to be at £ 13. 5m.
Huge Mansion
Contains no less than 10 bathrooms and 7 reception rooms, as well as 11 bedrooms and 12 acres of grounds
Six years later, I am still waiting for a new owner and the price tag will only be available when a potential buyer makes an application.
The rich display of the Waterford Hall shows why the houses of many football players are difficult to sell.
A substantial ground floor extension that includes a complete recreational complex with pool, a 6-
The car garage and the latest digital audio-visual technology mean the property only charges Uber
The rich will be able to afford it.
This is not just the \"golden triangle\" of the post market\"
The player\'s property seems to be delayed.
Another house that seems to sell forever is Phil Neville\'s four.
Bedroom Penthouse located in Beetham Tower.
The penthouse in Neville is located on the 44 th, 45 th and 46 th floors and was originally sold in 2010.
Beetham may no longer be the tallest residential building in Manchester, but although it is only half, it is still the most expensive property in the city centera-
Millions canceled the asking price.
Now buy a cool 3 in the market.
The 5-meter-square-foot apartment features four bedrooms, a home theater, three private terraces, five parking spaces and a view of almost anywhere on a clear day.
Back to the affluent areas of southern Manchesterin Hale -
Standing on the green grass, six
Home in front of bedroom
Manchester United striker Ibrahimovic.
Ibrahimović chose to rent rather than buy, although it was reported that he spent about £ 30,000 per month for this privilege.
The mansion has all the fixtures and accessories that Premier League football players may want, although prices have recently dropped to £ 4.
8 m, very convenient as they may be the only one who can afford it.
Under floor heating, it includes programmable lighting, a comprehensive audio system, a central vacuum system, and a top-level safety system.
The hotel has Gym, recreation room, wine cellar, bar, terrace and other facilities.
Still, the property has been on sale for more than two years.
Former Manchester City midfielder Gareth Barry is waiting longer for buyers at the Village estate in Sproston, near the church of Homs, Cheshire. The 30-
Acre manor has been on the market for about three years, and half of it recentlya-
The million price dropped to 3,950,000.
Even though Barry\'s Graff is 10 miles away from the Golden Triangle, he still ticked in the box of all the players.
The 9,000-square-foot property features 7 bathrooms, 13 private stables, an outdoor tennis court that doubles as a football field, and a former aircraft hangar, perfect for storing classic car collections.
Stylish kitchen renovated in 2010 with a wide range of modern cabinets with a large central island and a range of built-in
In terms of appliances, some are from Gaggenau and Sub Zero, including coffee machines, ovens, wine coolers and oversized refrigerators with cold drawers underneath.
In addition to the open living/kitchen, there are five reception rooms and a leisure complex that is accessible from the cinema through the playroom and bar.
A huge main room with indoor pool and fitness facilities, high vaulted ceiling and windows on three sides to the terrace and garden.
There is also a dressing room/shower with sauna.
Another football player pad that is hard to sell is ex-
Manchester United midfielder Fellaini\'s six points
Bedroom mansion in Worsley.
Initially put on the market in early 2017 at a price of 2.
3 m, the price has recently dropped to 1,995,000 in order to find a buyer.
The hotel has its own barber shop-
In the converted bedroom.
It is speculated that at the age of six in Fellaini, Belgium, which Barber will go every week
The season of the Reds.
The custom barbershop is equipped with trendy red leather barbershop chairs, flat panel TVs and a range of illuminated mirrors.
Other necessary football players
It includes all the rich, the former home of World Cup champion Alan Ball.
There is a swimming pool, bar, hot tub and cinema with steam bath and water pool.
Despite being located in woodlands and having seven bathrooms to complement the six bedrooms that Fellaini bought in 2014 for 2, the mansion is still not on sale.
Why the houses of football players and their partners have proved difficult to sell, although a local real estate agent told the: \"the huge pay means that football players can afford the best in life.
\"They can install products of the highest specification, from raw materials, fixtures and accessories to the latest high specification products
Tech gadgets and gadgets
\"Mix the things that must be --
There is a pool, sauna, gym, cinema and playroom and you will soon have a lot of property, often more like a leisure village than a home.
\"In addition to the prices that have risen in the favored regions, the costs associated with this custom upgrade and personalized details mean that, at the time of selling the price tag, it is usually only possible for other top soccer players or wealthy business people.
\"There are fewer and fewer football players who want to buy real estate now, because the short contract term means that renting a house will be more economically savvy, businessmen with this budget tend to design and decorate more traditional than football players like.
\"Is it true that football players have become more modest in their careers?
Architecture-based practices often
High-end customers including many football players.
\"We are often asked to renovate bigger houses and actually make them more livable,\" he said.
What\'s the use if you don\'t use an eight bedroom suite? \"The trend will definitely change and our job is to help clients make informed decisions so they can create a comfortable home.
\"There is a serious distrust at this level and they must feel comfortable that they are not exploited.
We are very careful (the suppliers)
We are in front of the players.
\"Foreign players do prefer to rent, and the same property is usually rented regularly as players come and go.
British players are more than happy to build or renovate existing properties and want to build a home instead of showing it.
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