When selecting stainless steel red wine to consider their own factors

by:Sunnai     2020-06-18
When selecting stainless steel red wine to consider their own factors, 2019. 07. 18 relative to other material of the wine, red wine ark of stainless steel prices are higher. This is because the red wine ark of stainless steel performance is better than other materials of wine, to require constant temperature, humidity, ventilation, suspension, shading, and so on material cost has increased. And stainless steel wine rack is durable, strong corrosion resistance, etc. So many people like to choose and buy stainless wine, also don't want to other materials of choose and buy, it doesn't matter even more expensive. But stainless steel is not randomly choose the choice of red wine, choose a suitable own wine first have to understand their needs, to talk about other factors influencing the further. ( 1) Wine ark of use: you are for personal use or for a gift? If is the best gift to buy electronic semiconductor wine, because of light weight easy to carry, and easy to accept the price is not very precious friend. If it is for private use it also depends on its what purpose? If you are a professional collectors or wine merchants then recommend the use of compressor wine ark, compressor wine with a quick cooling, cooling effect is good, stable performance, long life and other characteristics, especially suitable for wine storage. If it was the common wine lovers or is contact with wine, the Suggestions for Taiwan semiconductor electronic wine try, general electronic semiconductor wine prices relatively cheaper. ( 2) Hidden wine quality, type and quantity of factors: the first is to see your own wine price quality? If the price is good quality life cycle long wine, so suggest choose compressor wine ark, compressor wine excellent performance can maintain and improve the quality of the wine, help to wine appreciation. On the other hand, can choose semiconductor electronic wine. Second is to look at the type your own wine? If your wine is white wine or champagne type requires a relatively low temperature preservation of wine, so suggest choose compressor wine; If you are a red wine is given priority to, and some white wine, In many cases) , the dual temperature zone in the advice needed compressor wine wine to store different wines, and general semiconductor wine are single temperature regions; If all is red, then two kinds of wine can consider, depends on other factors. Wine is to see you again, the number of different types of wine have different capacity volume, according to the need to store different capacity volume of wine wine quantity; If your wine is less, the proposal chooses semiconductor electronic wine ark, after all, the unit cost will be lower. ( 3) Wine cabinet put occasions: wine where to place may also affect choices, such as your place in the family bedroom, hotel room, that requires absolute quiet, so now choose semiconductor wine is better; If some other place is placed in the sitting room, kitchen, the noise is less demanding, and also limits the compressor wine noise acceptable range, the selection of compressor wine and semiconductor wine can be; If it is placed in office buildings, often another bottle of wine is not stored for a long time, so choose semiconductor wine is better; If it is placed hotel lobby, club, villa, merchant stores, shopping malls and other places, the choice of the compressor wine is better, such not only can be conducive to maintain and improve liquor quality, and high class good brand image. ( 4) : if the use of wine is wine storage for a long time, through the cellar to improve liquor quality request is higher, so choose compressor wine is better; On the other hand, often take wine, short-term Tibetan wine, wine ark performance requirements is not very care about, then choose the semiconductor wine can also be considered. 'On a news' red wine should be how to clean? 'Next news' red wine appear the following questions is not a failure
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