What temperature stainless steel red wine is to be used for storage of red wine?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-27
What temperature stainless steel red wine is to be used for storage of red wine? 2019. 07. 06 thermostatic stainless steel red wine is used to reserve the wine red wine, has many characteristics, such as constant temperature, and humidity. With constant temperature characteristics of the wine cellar, constant temperature stainless steel red wine with red leave the ideal environment for the waiter. Keep red wine, it generally is the premise of constant temperature and humidity, and the characteristics of the wine cellar is the same, but no one noticed, if put in the home, be sure to prevent ultraviolet ray, and the wine inside will have thermal radiation, both of which are to be effective prevention, can adopt stainless steel material, but if want to use the glass, it must be used to filter out ultraviolet glass store the best temperature at 10 ℃ - red wine - - - - - - 14 ℃ is beautiful, the most wide is 5 ℃ - - - - - - - 20 ℃, the temperature is too high, if the wine wine will become bitter, acid; Wine temperature is too low, fragrance and the taste and not volatilize effectively. Wine of the humidity should be kept between 50% ~ 80%, the influence of humidity main role in cork, wine usually choose lie low is placed, so wine can immerse into the cork, avoid the cork wine metamorphic after drying. 'A lot of supermarket wine are put on edge, it will accelerate the wine degenerate. Also ACTS on the temperature and humidity: the wine is an ideal humidity is between 60% and 70%. Vibration shock vibration on the wine is purely physical damage. Red wine in the bottle, and its change is a slow process, vibration can mature to accelerate red wine, wine became coarse. So try to avoid moving to wine, or under vibration often places, especially the year old red wines. Because a bottle of aged gourmet wine storage is three hundred and forty or more for a long time, not only three or four weeks, keep the 'sleeping' state is the best. Wine is to have vitality, in a bottle of wine before no bottle, it will have an inheritance in the flask to grow and mature process. Wine lie on your back, it's the cork will keep moisture, air into do not come, so that the quality of the wine will not have to change. All kinds of wine is the best temperature is temperature wine storage is the most important factor, this is due to the taste and aroma of wines are the best way to volatilize in the proper temperature. The professor of chemistry at the university of California AlexanderJ. Pardell did experiments, if stored in wine general measure of 13 degrees Celsius as a benchmark, if the temperature rose to 17 degrees Celsius, wine mature speed will be the original one. 2 to 1. 5 times, if the temperature increase to 23 degrees Celsius, mature and speed will be 2 ~ 8 times, temperature rise to 32 degrees Celsius, mature speed will be 4 ~ 56 times. Of course, changes in the velocity of the mature and wine grape varieties, used the method of brewing. In general, the best storage temperature required by the different wines are as follows: a sweet, sweet red wine 14-16 ℃ dry red wine 16-22 ℃ half dry red wine 16-18 ℃ dry white wine 8-10 ℃ dry white wine 8 to 12 ℃ and sweet, sweet white wine brandy below 15 ℃ champagne (10-12 ℃ Sparkling wine) 5 - 9 ℃ to store wine is best to maintain a constant temperature, the need to avoid short-term fluctuations in temperature. Generally the higher the temperature, the faster the ripening of wine; At low temperature, the wine's growth will be slower. Wine storage position put wine of traditional way habits will be flat, make contact with red wine and cork in order to maintain its moisture. Damp cork have enough stretch, the bottle plug tightly. Bottle up 15 degrees tilt may be used. 'On a news' red wine, you indispensable decorations! 'The next news' stainless steel red wine label how to choose
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