What kind of wine is a good wine?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-27
What kind of wine is a good wine? 2019. 07. 31 in real life, in fact, wine cabinet for many families, has become a kind of indispensable scenery in the restaurant. Wine in the bottle can display different type, different color, different origin of the wine, make dining-room smooth add a lot of gorgeous color, feast for the eyes. Need to wine, because of its practical and beautiful at the same time. It is known to all that is needed for the upkeep of the wines in a stable environment kept at low temperature, temperature fluctuations can't too much; Humidity of the air can not be too high nor too low, so wine stopper is not easy craze of dry or wet mildew; To avoid sun exposure, because ultraviolet ray can speed up wine oxidation; Severe vibration is easy to make the wine degenerate. The role of the wine is 'care' wine, make wine is in a state of the best, not so easy to spoil. In addition, because of the refrigeration function, also can make wine to keep proper temperature. To set the temperature of the wine to drink after temperature, out of the wine from the wine need not specially cold, can be directly open a bottle of drink. So what kind of wine is a good wine? ( 1) Compressor wine VS semiconductor wine compressor wine ark, Mainly through the transformation of gas and liquid cooling, refrigeration fast ( 20 - faster than semiconductor wine 30%) And large capacity of refrigeration effect is good, etc. Semiconductor wine to semiconductor chip electric refrigeration, have no noise, no vibration, Wine basic no vibration at work, suspension function superior) , no pollution, Excluding refrigerant) And small volume etc. Compressor wine temperature range is big, in 5 - 22 ℃ range between the refrigeration function not affected by the outside world is too big. And the temperature of the semiconductor wine can lower than the outside temperature - 8 Does not apply to 10 ℃, the high temperature area. ( 2) Temperature range of single wine VS temperature range of double wine temperature range of single wine means that it is only one temperature sensor and temperature controller, this wine is more suitable for general is given priority to with some type of wine ( Such as home wine is given priority to with red wine, and a few bottles of white wine) 。 It is important to note that the single temperature area at the bottom of the wine and wine at the top of the temperature will be different, Wine ark volume, the greater the temperature difference, the more obvious) , in general, the temperature at the bottom of the lower, the top of the higher temperatures. Dual temperature zone of wine wine has two temperature controller, red wine and white wine can partition to store. ( 3) Wooden wine cabinet VS metal wine ark of wooden wine body frame made of solid wood, luxurious solid wood appearance, furniture art, can well with annatto furniture, rosewood furniture, elegant noble feeling. Also, generally can emit the aroma of wood, real wood is the carrier of life, with the wine of life to store wine has a delicate life, bring out the best in each other. Metal wine mainly in all kinds of metal materials and synthetic plastic production, general appearance is fashion, metallic wine cabinet can also bring some hale and hearty. In addition, if the layer of inside wine bottle is made of metal, attention should be paid to look at the shelf's physique. Is likely to put 750 ml ordinary bottle of wine when no problem, but put the champagne ( Champagne) Sparkling wine, such as heavy type wine shelf bear weight, bending deformation or fracture. ( 4) Can control the air humidity inside the wine a lot of wine only ventilation function, without moisture control system. In the absence of moisture control system, the air humidity inside the wine is usually 40%, if there is moisture control system, the wine can increase the air humidity, 50% or more. In the case of air is too dry for sealing the cork is easy to become dry, impermeability, cracking, even let the wines spoiled easily. The ideal air humidity is 60 70%. ( 5) Wine within the temperature fluctuation is small refrigerator refrigeration function, but its performance and save the wine than wine is bad, the reason is the refrigerator the actual temperature and set temperature difference is bigger, often in a state of flux, it is difficult to ensure the temperature of the wine storage requirements. Although wine with professional precision temperature controller, for the temperature control accuracy and stability is better, but different quality of the wine in the accuracy of temperature control is different. For example, a very good quality wine ark, the actual temperature and set temperature allows only 0. The error of the 6 ℃; Wine is a bit poor quality may differ in terms of actual temperature and setting temperature. 2. 8℃。 Wine in the temperature fluctuation, to protect the wine, the best way is to put the wine filled. When filled with wine in the wine, the wine need to take a longer time to reach the set temperature, when the liquid inside the bottle also reached the temperature, the fluctuations of temperature in the wine will be smaller. Because the role of wine is equivalent to a body of water to a region of temperature adjustment function, can reduce the temperature difference and large temperature fluctuations. ( 6) Wine wine cabinet size is not suitable for long-term storage of wine. Wine cabinet size should be according to the amount of consumption of wine to a week if you can drink a bottle of wine, so, the capacity of 52 bottles of wine wine is enough; If a week can probably drink 2 bottles of wine, the wine storage capacity should be 104 bottles of wine. 'On a news' touched the hot red wine on both sides, how to do? 'Next article' do you know semiconductor wine and red wine also points of compressor wine?
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