What is the red wine cooling method?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-09
What is the red wine cooling method? 2019. 10. 26 for refrigeration. When the liquid in the container, liquid vapor formation, if the container of liquid and vapor outside there are no other gases, so the liquid and vapor under a certain pressure will reach equilibrium. Mainly different cooling ways, the electronic wine is a semiconductor chip cooling, refrigeration compressor wine is a compressor. Electronic wine generally smaller capacity, temperature will be affected by the ambient temperature; Refrigeration refrigeration compressor wine with high efficiency, large capacity. Put how many wine do you like, if you put a decade or two about wine, electrical suggest you buy electronic wine ark, if you drink more, you are advised to buy compressor wine. 'On a news' the design of red wine to your show amorous feelings 'next news' red wine standard grid
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