What is the difference between red wine and fridge?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-13
What is the difference between red wine and fridge? 2019. 09. 231, ventilation and humidity control: if the humidity is not enough, the wine bottle cork will shrink or even dry, light a bottle when in trouble, or loss of sealing function, cause air to enter, affect the fermentation of wine, the wine sourness. If the humidity is too high, can not only lead to cause mould bottle, and the wine label moldy easily, fall off, made the image of the wine. Wine has a perfect ventilation system, through the wine temperature and outdoor temperature difference, make the wine produced in moisture, can be appropriately increased internal humidity. Refrigerator for ventilation and humidity control is not so professional. 2, the accuracy of the constant temperature: the best temperature should be kept around 13 ℃, have done a specific analysis, some scholars think that the ideal temperature is 12. 8℃。 Although the refrigerator can also set up a constant temperature, but the refrigerator the actual temperature and setting temperature difference is bigger, often in a state of flux, it is difficult to ensure the wine storage temperature requirements. Wine is a professional precision compressor and temperature controller, the temperature control accuracy and stability are better than the refrigerator. Save the wine is the best environment of constant temperature, constant humidity, avoid light, ventilation, no peculiar smell, shock wine to lie on the stability of the wine rack, let the cork and good contact with wine, to maintain the cork moist and sealing. Many people choose to use the refrigerator to store wine, was forced to choose, if there is a condition, should choose a suitable wine. 'On a news' brought by the red wine is not only a beautiful appearance and exquisite design 'next news' control good red wine processing method of quality stainless steel
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