What circumstances need to use thermostatic red wine

by:Sunnai     2020-07-28
What circumstances need to use temperature of red wine. 2019. 07. 11 if you hide more than 10 bottles of wine in the home, and hid a year are not willing to give up drinking, so, should find a constant temperature wine for them. If they are in your home has experienced continuous high temperature of 36 degrees of midsummer, again meet produce electrostatic dry winter, everywhere and then another two months of the rainy weather, wine how you handle it? Even if they are strong enough, the cork and early harness, it may be possible to dry, then mould. We don't have constant temperature and humidity in the basement, can only give the wine properly find a artificial, constant temperature and humidity of the space, let them before being open, healthy and have a good night's sleep. Constant temperature wine cabinet is designed according to wine storage temperature, constant temperature wine ark, there are two zones, usually upper level is high, up to 22 degrees, the minimum is 12 degrees; Lower level is low temperature zone, the minimum of 5 degrees, the highest for 12 degrees. The principle of constant temperature wine cabinet and refrigerator are similar, only it at the top with a hot machine, the temperature control in 10 ~ 18 degrees, it is suitable for wine storage temperature. Lower part of upper the most suitable for storing rare red wine, the most suitable for storing white wine and sparkling wine. 'On a news' red wine don't know how to choose? Red wine - 'under a news' - - - - - - The oxidation of wine
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