What are the actual red wine?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-10
What are the actual red wine? 2019. 6. 17 like all tian ran and perishable food, cocktail party for its surrounding environmental factors change. Cool storage environment, constant temperature to ensure the quality of the wine of the original is not retreated characteristics over a long period of time. This is why the wine lovers to choose the main cause of red wine. Flat put bottles should always straight put storage so that wine is contact with the cork. So we can keep the humidity of cork, bottles, and good sealing effect, avoid oxidation, aging air into the result. Put bottles vertical storage, easy there is gap between wine and cork. So wine straight put zui, put the levelness of the wine to at least to the bottleneck. Temperature constant temperature and consistency is one of the important factors in store wine, it is also important to maintain the stability of the temperature. Wine ingredients will vary with temperature changes, the cork will change with temperature and heat bilges cold shrink, especially in poor elasticity of cork. Most wine cabinet equipped with improve internal temperature heater or PTC, and no matter how the environment temperature changes, can keep the temperature stable. The role of air is contained in the cabinet by the built-in fan and to ensure that the uniform temperature distribution in different positions in wine and consistency. 'On a news' European red wine 'next article' what are the main style of red wine to meet different needs
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