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We Sunnai is focused on developing, designing and manufacturing Home appliance--wine cooler.Whether under our customers'brand name or our private label-Vinique.Our premium freestanding,built-in wine/beverage coolers and cigar coolers are engineered for performance,convenience and design.

Our philosophy has always been to listen and learn from our customers, but most importantly, to develop products that meet our customers'requirements. This simple philosophy motivates us to create value added, quality products and features that integrate seamlessly into any lifestyle.

Based on production sections,we have pre-install,foaming,final install and package.

once we receive the material,such as the casing,aluminum foil and water proof paper.,etc.Then you could see we will pre-install them together.For example,there is some aluminum foil--it will expand the cooling area of condenser.Also we use the water proof paper,it could prevent leakage.

Second,based on foaming area,we prefer to extend the foaming time as far as possible,to let the bubble material fulling foaming,even though it will affect the production efficiency,it could guarantee the quality better and avoid the second time to foam,for other factories,after using some model are shrink,it make the shelves down.

After foaming section,the cargo will be sent to the final install.

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