Theory of red wine way of maintenance

by:Sunnai     2020-06-20
The way of theory of red wine to maintain 2020. 05. 26 many stainless steel wine with constant temperature function, refrigeration to keep the temperature at the same time, the public may not notice, but if it is household wine ark, should try to avoid noise. So put in stainless steel wine ark, placed position must be flat and have certain ability of bearing. Because the stainless steel wine ark volume is larger, and has a certain weight, and the location of the flat has certain help to reduce noise and vibration. Placed the position of the select a well-ventilated place is better, because it is send out quantity of heat, refrigeration temperature when placed against the wall should leave some space for the use of thermal interaction. The main place environment, should try to avoid moisture or easy access to water sources. Although wine ark of stainless steel rust resistance, but also want to clean up its surface in time, to avoid the surface is the possibility of acid corrosion and leakage. In fact wine also is not the hotel club is special, many well-off family is also very useful. Stainless steel wine customization can be customized according to the spatial scope, if it is indoor space can also do embedded stainless steel wine ark, save space at the same time, the use is convenient. If the family is larger, can choose their favorite directly, and can be suitable for household style. 'On a news' no information 'next news' red wine not fault point screening and maintenance work
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