The size of the red wine

by:Sunnai     2020-06-29
The size of the red wine, 2019. The euro. 08 stainless steel of red wine, is used to store and display wine simple shelf, usually made of wood, the material such as stainless steel, wrought iron rich style design, the function of a more upscale fashionable decoration. Stainless steel of red wine to put wine occasions, especially large stores, upscale clubs, restaurants, etc. , it is very important, it is not only beautiful, have very good adornment effect, but also provides all kinds of wine to receive and display, can also reflect the stand or fall of storage conditions. Stainless steel red wine through elaborate design, after a careful smooth grooves, parallel or vertical, to adapt to the different shapes of bottles stored safely, convenient management of the drinks, the whole stainless steel more rich and full-bodied red wine fragrance. Red wine ark of stainless steel material has a lot of kinds, due to differences in climate, stainless steel of red wine are common in the north, while the south is a solid stainless steel more red wine ark, stone had less red wine with stainless steel. So today we focuses on stainless steel stainless steel to red wine. Stainless steel, red wine, which USES stainless steel as the main materials used for all kinds of wine rack. Stainless steel, red wine, firm structure, nice appearance and display style, noble and elegant, beautiful and good decorative effect, durable, was selected by more and more users. 1, durability: red wine is made of high quality stainless steel, stainless steel material is hard, impact resistant, good bearing quality, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant, typically have a serious impact will not deformation, stable performance, beautiful sex: stainless steel metal characteristics of red wine with the aid of stainless steel, can be molded into different shapes, the indirect smooth lines present a metallic luster, in the high-end fashion, aesthetic feeling extremely. Stainless steel red wine is generally used to put wine, red wine, wine, so its size is generally according to the size of the bottle to make. Stainless steel size of red wine now basically is designed according to the red wine bottle size, this kind of bottle the size of a single, bottle are mainly 8 cm and 9 cm in diameter, to 30 cm high, the design of red wine red wine for the universal stainless steel stainless steel. 1, small stainless steel size of red wine: the stainless steel put a bottle of wine, red wine usually only because there are a lot of style, size, so red wine stainless steel outside dimension can not be sure, but with the size of the bottle is about 50 c ㎡. Red wine cabinet size: 2, medium-sized stainless steel generally refers to can put 2 ~ 10 bottles of wine red wine ark of stainless steel, red wine cabinet size also is more, this kind of stainless steel is essentially founder style design. Red wine cabinet size: 3, large stainless steel general large stainless steel red wine is the wine business, this kind of stainless steel red wine prices high, usually do not have a quantitative size of finished product, but to design customized according to customer's requirements, there is no uniform size. 'On a news' touched the hot red wine on both sides, how to do? 'Next news' stainless steel red wine ark design considerations, you may not know!
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