The origin of red wine

by:Sunnai     2020-06-27
The origin of red wine, 2019. 07. 01 phil in the view of the wine is introduced in France. In the middle ages, the monastery began to guide the most of the region's vineyards. They have for natural is nothing to do, the strong will. Hang forever and fruits fruits, improve a lot of wine brewing essentials, invented a lot of high quality land. But the monastery wines is not for its exclusive, nor is dedicated to mass. Wine to survive in modulation monk monotonous and boring, have also brought the monastery great income. Until the late 14th century, piece of vineyards all around the nobility and the royal family farm production. Subsequently, the royal wine, although at the beginning of the birth already have strange character and charm of proprietary. To mean the wine is alive, tension is they have the breathing, breathing is a reflection of life situation, one of the respiratory system and the cork is wine. But more nervous because a reason is - — — They are in the process of the growth of the day after tomorrow can grow constantly, constantly change. To evolve out of the conduct of real charm. These rare treasures are a fact of life, can be met by most's master. All is not what people are competent to watch, nor can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Wine itself necessary space - — Wine quality wine like a precious works of art can meet but can't beg, production with only a very limited. These are skillful craftsman of individuation to make out whether they 'know'. Take care of the wine, like to take care of the baby in the world. Baby while in the womb have demonstrated the life situation, but after the birth of independent existence in this world, to truly reflects the meaning of life and existence. Babble, toddler, every breath, every move, move forward toward a future letters patent, the sun. Choose a suit for his bed, the fitting room is especially nervous. Can't sleep too soft; Do not wrap it too tight; Not to the wave amplitude is too large, and so on many aspects are necessary to achieve the best state. Only to lay a solid talent imagining the future. A true wine for wine do this all ready! Wine is the floorboard of the space of some related with the wine. Everything in this: wine cellars and wine wine storage. Lafite the bionic what can do for the wine wine wine from France? What should need to do again? With one of the most brief summary - — — Provide the ideal storage conditions for wine! Said a brief doing difficult. Above all, want to have a proper humidity, temperature; Also can have good ventilation, to exercise restraint, to deal with the surrounding environment clean degree also demanding is very high. As France's wine regions, there are many local natural environment itself is very good for storing wine. A cabin and half underground, half closed empty wine collectors will buy wine for wine storage between the bullet, but often was soon filled with wine ark, and the top price nor homemade wine ark, jue after more collectors are choosing private wine produced in the home itself, but the professional wine is not placed a air conditioning, put a humidifier can do it. Because the air conditioning can't provide links from indoor temperature constant, humidifier can satiety 75% humidity requirements. However wine most afraid of is the high and low temperature change, never caught between survival if the humidity is not enough, the cork is easy to shrink, cause the wine oxidation and the sign of leakage. A real wine with collectors often large black and white, from the physiological will worry about itself every little mistake, afraid of affect those treasures, although some time exhausted itself has the spirit of to achieve the best state. Professional of constant temperature wine ark, can according to the actual wine storage conditions for planning, wine and constant temperature system, accurate arrived at constant temperature, constant humidity, ventilation, suspension, avoid light conditions, such ability can let more lasting life. The real wine tastes, collectors worth having! 'On a news' best level combination of CP appearance - — Stainless steel and red wine 'next news' air-cooled red wine with ZhiLengShi red wine works
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