The customers

Here is such more important details that i would like to share with our customers.

Such as the vacumm pump.This step is quite important in performance,otherwise,it will ice-block.Therefore,blow nitrogen before vacumm,the purpose is to guaramtee the vacumm.Then it will blow nitrogen in twice times.The cargos will have twice times testing before package.the first time is in the inspection room,the second time is on the production line.

How to control the quality?electric board will through 100% testing.Each electric board will through aging testing before package.Also including performance testing and energy efficiency testing.

After talking about our products,let us talk about our department and our staffing.

We have human source,sales team,finacial department,engineer department which takes in charge of design,develop and increase the items lines.Warehouse department which takes in charge of material Distribution and management.

We are also very fortunate to have a great team of both young and seasoned appliance professionals that generate excitement every day at Sunnai.

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