The choice of red wine and conception

by:Sunnai     2020-06-26
Red wine selection and design of 2019. 12. 26 now in many house decorate owner will be to design a fashionable wine ark, store your beloved wine. A delicate and generous wine also for home in a beautiful beautiful scenery. Wine cabinet design need to consider not only beautiful, also want to consider the needs of practical. Anyway, in short, in the coming summer, introduce a few kinds of simple wine ark design style for you, for your bedroom add color. In general, the wine can be divided into decorative wine and functional. If it is a red wine, it is best to constant temperature wine ark, temperature and humidity and humidity can make wine to keep the best quality; If storing wine and white wine, half multi-purpose decorative wine. And functional wine had better to wine wholesale center, wine room, professional and other places to buy wine cellar, wine sold in furniture store is essentially belongs to the decorative, ornamental wine must match with the overall household style. Different collocation has exquisite decorative wine has a variety of styles, some can 'mix build', only 'one to one' : French or Chinese style to decorate, the style of wine must correspond to; American or European new classic decorate, wine has no obvious specification, can 'mix build'; Contemporary and contracted or contracted style of northern Europe, wine also to contemporary and contracted; Postmodern decorate a style is good for classic wine with a minimalist. Echo of wine to the bar, decorative wine material need carefully to know basic standards is used in the glass won't cause harm to the people, when broken cupboard best equipped with lamp and glass. Solid wood line contracted wine suitable for contracted decorate a style, and has a solid wood wine ark of carve patterns or designs on woodwork process of heavy and complicated, is suitable for European decorate a style. 'On a news' stainless steel temperature of red wine is to make you fondle admiringly 'next news' talk about red wine 'coat'
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