The characteristics of red wine

by:Sunnai     2020-06-28
Red wine features of 2019. 05. 21 is generally believed that red wine storage conditions long-term preservation in Europe is 8 to 12 degrees, if recent to drink red wine is generally constant temperature is 15 degrees. Note that temperature fluctuation is as small as possible. Humidity is around 60%. Avoid light, suspension, incase no peculiar smell and so on! This is the basic condition. First of constant temperature, we know that red wine storage temperature setting to a specific value, as constant as possible, but not all wine factory production of red wine can do temperature fluctuations small, because of cooling is to rely on compressor, in general, the temperature probe is sensed temperature higher than the set value will start after 2 degrees refrigeration compressor work, but the general quality wine and temperature is higher than 5 c compressor will work, this leads to a wine's internal temperature difference is big, maybe the top temperature of 10 degrees, but at the bottom of the temperature is 15 degrees is possible. And in the winter, room temperature is lower than the set value, wine cabinet to heat, most of the wine is at the bottom of the heat, which can lead to high temperature at the bottom of the wine will reach 20 degrees, and the top 10 degrees. So for the constant temperature, different wine is also different. Followed by long service life, this is also the most important reason. For solid wood wine rack, stainless steel is more durable. For the club and private wine cellar wine cellar, prefer nice appearance, firm structure, freedom of assembly, dismantling and quick, convenient transportation and beautiful style, elegant and have good adornment effect of the wine. Stainless steel temperature wine ark relatively overall wine cellar, more save a space. Wine has become the necessity of this society, every household has to collect a few bottles, stainless steel temperature wine can provide the most suitable for wine storage environment. 'On a news' red wine general common problem 'next news' stainless steel red wine how to clean?
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