Talk about red wine 'coat'

by:Sunnai     2020-06-19
Talk about red wine 'coat', 2019. 12. 'Heart' of 21 before talked about wine - — Compressor, so today let's talk about wine coat, is the body and the shell material. Say some of simple and clear, just like people wear coats, if thin coat to wear, not warm, will catch a cold. Also, for the wine cabinet, cabinet this 'coat' of the material, thickness, determines the wine ark of insulation effect and service life and energy. In general, the wine box includes a housing, foam layer, bladder three parts. Wine cabinet of adiabatic performance directly affect the refrigerating effect and the power consumption of wine and other technical indicators. By calculation, wine or refrigerator will more than 80% of calories from box to box, therefore, to reduce the quantity of heat conduction and cold energy loss, the thicker the wine box, wine ark, the heat preservation, the province electricity. For the ordinary wine on the market, its body shell is using 0. 5 - 1 mm cold rolled steel plate after cutting, stamping, spray, thickness is very thin. Similarly, the bladder is also widely used 0. 5 - 1 mm thin ABS sheet plasticizing or embossed aluminum sheet. So 'my meager sensibilities' product, easy to cause wine heat preservation effect is poor, let the cat out of the air conditioning, causing frequent wide fluctuations in temperature and the compressor frequent start, for a long time in the past, eventually led to the compressor damage, wine 'rush'. So in view of the above mentioned problems, now there is a real wood of constant temperature wine, wine box for 'real wood + foam thermal insulation layer' structure. Compared to the traditional wine ark, real wood plank basic does not transfer energy, also said insulation effect is better, of course, wine cabinet temperature effect is more perfect. 'On a news' red wine selection and design of a news 'under the' custom red wine in the design should pay attention to what?
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