Stainless steel temperature of red wine is to make you fondle admiringly

by:Sunnai     2020-08-03
Stainless steel temperature of red wine is to make you fondle admiringly. '2019. 12. 28 life need wine! As more and more love wine to people who know their wine, liquor storage is specialization, constant temperature wine wine are replacing decorative kitchen, become a business and the standard of wine wine lovers hide. Especially represented by the red wine grape wine, higher requirements on storage conditions, use more stainless steel temperature in the storage of wine. The constant temperature wine for its stainless steel material properties, gradually become one of the mainstream of the constant temperature wine material. Such as wine, especially red wine wine to hoard environmental temperature humidity stability requirements are high. In the match with professional compressor, stainless steel material has a durable not easy deformation, superior corrosion resistance, environmental protection, no peculiar smell and other characteristics, if made of medical stainless steel also can effectively bacteriostasis, these characteristics are conform to the requirements of the wine aged. Professional stainless steel temperature wine making installation requirements are also higher. Is needed to maintain good constant temperature and humidity effect, and the seamless stainless steel cabinet put oneself in another's position, cupboard door shut and smooth and good sealing. Form a complete set of professional production team have shockproof sealing auxiliary materials. In addition, the design of the compressor position to be scientific and reasonable, the installation, should be well dealt with in order to prevent the runtime drive cabinet put oneself in another's vibration, in order to avoid alcohol damage caused by vibration. In some restaurant in the hotel, stainless steel wine in wine storage function, also can have a delicious adornment effect. 'On a news you know' semiconductor wine and red wine also points of compressor wine? 'The next news' red wine selection and design
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