Stainless steel temperature of red wine can store wine can also be room decoration and ornament

by:Sunnai     2020-08-03
Stainless steel temperature of red wine can store wine also can decorate, ornament is room 2019. 11. 16 stainless steel temperature as the name suggests is the constant temperature storage of wine wine wine ark, perhaps the most understanding of the constant temperature wine. However when we visit friends, go to a fancy restaurant dinner, upscale office to rest, to see some volume larger decorative type or display type wine, this wine often match with the bar, and generally do not have the function of the storage of red wine, of course, there are some advanced wine has this function. We are here to say 'body size' slim constant temperature wine, this wine will also appear on many occasions, constant temperature wine as the name suggests is the wine with constant temperature characteristics, is dedicated to the storage of red wine, this wine is not only practical very strong, also can decorate, the ornament of the room. Stainless steel temperature wine is given priority to with real wood, mainly because more high-grade solid wood, more suitable for modern furniture, the design of some constant temperature wine with bookcase near, the above are some of the framework, can place the bottle here with some drawer, can put some good wine packaging and daily use of small tools such as open wine. Constant temperature wine because of the different on the design style, appearance is also different, although do not need to be pay attention to wine cellar: painting, wall decoration, lighting, floor stone and mutual set off, but in the upper part of the constant temperature wine near the wall put a artistic paintings, also might as well choose is a kind of beauty. Inclined to put the wine is often used to show fine wine in general, the way put wine bottle is divided into three kinds. One is put bottles is erect. Some modelling simple wine was just a big framework gives off a lot of small grid, then install one or two drawers, below this bottle of wine can erect put. Some wine ark besides can erect put bottles, still in wine storage space to install some of the 'U' type of device, so the bottle can lie in wine, because of the 'U' type devices stuck bottleneck, let the sliding inside bottle is not in wine, also not easily fall outside. Another is inclined to put that to put a special shelf, in the wine bottle can 'leans' on the shelf, this way generally for wine show, show master noble identity and taste. Stainless steel the advantage of constant temperature wine store wine stainless steel temperature wine can also be called electronic wine ark, according to the working principle to distinguish, can be divided into the compressor and semiconductor wine wine ark, so, the advantages of constant temperature wine store wine from two types of wine ark respectively narrative: compressor wine: more than 1, Tibet alcohol volume, there are 30 - - - - - - - 300 pens; 2, the price is relatively high, imported wine prices are up to 10 tens of thousands; 3, fast cooling, cooling effect is good, stable performance and long service life; 4, wide temperature range, generally between 5 ~ 22 ℃, affected by the environment temperature is smaller. 3 - use environment - - - - - - 38℃。 Use occasions: high-grade wine professional storage commercial hiding capacity; Apply to the winery, hotel, club. Semiconductor wine: 1, the capacity is small, generally not more than 30; 2, the price is low, be in commonly two thousand yuan; 3, semiconductor refrigeration, no vibration, no noise, no pollution, light weight; 4, operating temperature in 10 ~ 18 ℃ or 12 ~ 22 ℃ and affected by the environment temperature is bigger, use more suitable environment for 25 ℃. Use occasions: ordinary wine storage, home ( Applicable to the hotel room, living room) 。 'On a news' touched the hot red wine on both sides, how to do? 'Next news' red wine: how to design the private house red wine?
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