Stainless steel red wine environmental effects on wine quality

by:Sunnai     2020-07-30
Red wine environment effects on wine quality 2019 stainless steel. 09. 18 to know the taste of wine in different stages have different, it is also a wine also called 'wine' or 'the wine of life'. With the passage of time, the wine will gradually aging, aroma, taste, also will be more and more rich. In the process of the change of this fine, not tolerate any careless, a vibration was overturned, a temperature change, will be irreversible influence on sensitive wine. So, the first step in learning wine collection, you must first learn to how to properly preserved wine, to protect the 'alive' nature of the fluid, make them maintain the vigor of day day up. Wine preserved good or bad or not, not only directly affect its taste; For collectors, but also determines the wine appreciation potential. 1, cork is sensitive to humidity wine the most appropriate to keep humidity between 50% - 80%, but some are from international famous wine cellar test, more than 90% of the humidity also does not affect the preservation of the wine. The influence of humidity role mainly in cork. Humidity is too low, soft cloth will become dry, low humidity affect the sealing effect, let more air contact with wine, accelerate the oxidation of the wine, wine quality has decreased; If the humidity is too high, the cork is easy to mold. At the same time, the wine is like a sponge, will be around sucked into the bottle. Taste through the cork in the environment of this 'breathing organs of penetration into the wine, so you should not have flavor together with other wine store, to prevent bad breath into wine. Humidity control has a skill about constant temperature wine cabinet, in case of bad weather, wine cabinet inside the humidity is too high, can use dry cloth to wipe the bottle and water droplets, the inside of the box body and open the wine cupboard door ventilation. Such as the humidity inside the wine is too low, only within the wine into a small dish of increasing humidity. 2, temperature determines flavor is the most important factor in wine storage, because the taste and aroma of wine to the best way to volatilize in the proper temperature. If wine temperature is too high, bitter, sour flavor will come out; If the wine temperature too low, the aroma and delicious and not volatilize effectively. It is understood that the general half sweet, sweet red wine storage temperature of 14 ℃ - 16 ℃, dry red wine is 16 ℃ - 22 ℃, dry white wine is 8 ℃, 10 ℃, if it is champagne, Sparkling wine) In 5 ℃ - 9 ℃ advisable. Stainless steel 'on a news' good control quality of red wine processing method 'next news' red wine is close to a high-tech refrigeration equipment store wine cellar
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