Solid wood red wine moistureproof tips

by:Sunnai     2020-07-23
Moistureproof tip 2020 of real wood of red wine. 01. 11 solid wood wine nursing improper deformation is easy to occur. If winter heating will accelerate the evaporation of moisture in the air, at the same time, also take away the part of the water in the solid wood wine. Although the surface of the solid wood wine through special processing, however, if the bedroom humidity change drastically, it is still difficult to bear. On the surface, solid wood wine ark of shape, craze mostly occurs in fall and winter, but experts point out that, solid wood wine will craze, qiu dong depends on the maintenance of the summer. In the summer, if we can control the water quantity of solid wood wine, and autumn/winter indoor attention for its moisturizing, can effectively reduce the rate of solid wood wine cracking and deformation. The expert reminds, the sultry weather in the summer, and try not to use too wet dishcloth solid wood wine. At the same time, experts advise, in the summer, you can use the professional cleaner to clean of solid wood wine ark, conditional word, also can be used to protect wax evenly coated on the surface of solid wood wine, on the surface for solid wood wine carry bright at the same time, also can have the effect of moisture. Therefore, good maintenance can make solid wood wine appreciation, at the same time let the wines stored in solid wood wine appreciation. 'On a news' red wine doesn't work the fault point troubleshoot and repair 'next news' stainless steel temperature of red wine and those who use?
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