Red wine, you indispensable decorations!

by:Sunnai     2020-07-08
Red wine, you indispensable decorations! 2019. 07. 081, wine of porch is decorated wine placed in porch place. After that take the door, first against the wall to design a short ark, short ark with high wine again. This design is very common in the family. Wine is enclosed below store content ark, can deposit sundry, with short ark, capability of providing of porch is received. Above is the wine cabinet with glass door, storage area, red wine storage area and glass storage area, can place all the wine. Wine in the mirror back, shoot the lamp to form certain adornment effect. Stick a wall at the same time, the wine has a role in the line of sight of block, in the transition between the porch and sitting room. 2, open the wine inside the sitting room, the bar recreational area of sitting room space daily daily life, little not the exclusive area of the wine. Sitting room space is enough big, designers choose in the area of the door, a custom one and a half open space for wine tasting. 'L' shaped wine meet the hiding capacity of daily, among them, the wine ark to stick a wall at the same time, the other side as fault isolation, which is connected with the sitting room, let the wine tasting area has a certain independence. Linked to 'L' shape wine bar is a glyph, usually can drink drink, chat, here are more exclusive wine tasting area. 'Bar' is designed in the place that take the door, the owner has a strong sense of belonging, entering a door can show itself to family and a good hobby. 3, wine and eat edge ark combination, improve the utilization rate of the design of the wine and eat edge ark combination way. Restaurant a custom cabinet put oneself in another's position against the wall, wine is divided into two parts, the upper part is shallow, a small amount of storage space of the wine, wine glasses, larger modelling adornment space, can store decorations or small electrical appliances. Lower than the upper part, used as edge ark, this not only edge ark can hold a lot of sundry, below the mesa edge ark above, can also be used to place normally served with the tools and food. Small family model is also suitable for making wine is now a lot of small and medium-sized family family, can also custom wine. Wine has its unique structure, the design pay more attention to the appearance, in addition, the wine itself has certain store content function, is 'and' beauty and intelligence. Therefore, in the small and medium-sized door model in, wine ark besides wine, also body and reveal ark, store content ark, diverse functions such as ark. For example, in many small family homes, the choice of wine with the combination of table. Wine cabinet relying on a wall and stand, the upper part with hidden wine area, glass receive area, jewelry displays, etc. , the lower part is closed to receive ark. Table with wine conjoined, usually located in the middle part of the symmetric wine ark, the table of a head of embedded inside the cabinet, save 30 - The length of 40 cm. Can also bring some table roller, extending part of the desktop, six people who make the table for four. Wine as a sitting room and the partition of porch, sitting room and dining-room, is also very common. This wine is not need a great deal. For example against the wall to customize a 90 cm wide wine ark, symmetry in the middle part of the extended a stage, such a design as two space partition is very practical, and for the space added a functional area. Porch, sitting room, dining-room, study can also do wine home wine doesn't have to have special tasting room, more do not need to have special wine cellar, in each household space, can find a suitable place for wine. In general, the longest wine appeared in the restaurant, because the wine, wine and table of correlation degree is high, therefore, wine is often integrated into the restaurant. Little older for family, restaurant space is ample, can be in edge ark into wine. Rely on a wall and stand in the edge ark can be divided into two parts, the upper part is a bit narrow, do wine cabinet design, the second part of darker, as the ark of edge. Such a design to receive powerful, practicality is very strong. In addition, wine cabinet in the sitting room, porch often as a space partition or decorative elements. Some families porch area is not large, will adopt the way of combining the wine ark and shoe ark. The lower part is enclosed shoe ark, the above is enclosed or half open wine. Space permits, can also add 1 - Two people of the bar, as the porch and the partition of the sitting room. And families will wine into the bookcase, wine tasting in the study in a quiet, comfortable, is also a good choice. 'On a news' red wine, how to design the private house red wine? 'What's the next news' constant temperature stainless steel red wine is to be used for storage of red wine?
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