Red wine with good temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and vibration

by:Sunnai     2020-06-25
Red wine with good temperature, humidity, ventilation, light and vibration, 2019. 6. 04 as people's living standards rising, many senior party with some activities, you will see the figure of wine, and also the one who likes to drink red wine more and more. Wine is the world's most expensive alcohol wine storage conditions is also the most demanding at the same time. The current best way is in the wine cellar wine storage or electronic wine. Wine storage conditions and the temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and vibration, the wine in the bottle, is also a process of old wine storage is naturally related to the quality of the wine in the bottle aged. Wine preserved generally pay attention to several aspects: temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and vibration of red wine the first and most important factor is the temperature, the best temperature should be kept around 13 degrees, once some scholars made a special analysis, think that the ideal temperature is 12. 8 degrees. Professor of chemistry at the university of California AlexanderJ. Pardell did experiments, if to 13 degrees Celsius as a benchmark, if the temperature rose to 17 degrees Celsius, wine mature speed will be the original one. 2 to 1. 5 times, if the temperature is increased to 23 degrees Celsius, mature and speed will be 2 ~ 8 times, temperature rise to 32 degrees Celsius, mature speed will be 4 ~ 56 times. Of course changes in the velocity of the mature and wine grape varieties used also, and the brewing method. In addition, had better want to maintain a constant temperature, varying temperature, the harm of wine is also very big. Someone may ask, a slightly higher temperature, the wine mature faster, so need longer time to mature wine, not soon be ready to drink? Actually, mature faster, can let the wine flavor, rough and sometimes excessive oxidation happens to change nature. A major role in cork the influence of humidity, humidity, it is generally believed in the 60 ~ 70% is more appropriate, humidity is too low, soft cloth will become dry, affect the sealing effect, let more air contact with wine, accelerate the oxidation of wine, wine metamorphic. Even if no bad wine, dry when the cork in the bottle is easy to fracture broken off, even then falls into the wine will have a lot of wood chips, it's a bit disgusting things. If the humidity is too high is bad, sometimes the cork is easy to mold, and, in the wine cellar, also easy to breed a beetle, such as the size of the lice beetle bit bad will push the cork. Ventilation: wine can produce poisonous gas sulphur dioxide during storage, the gas will harm the cork, and degradation liquor. Of wines long stored, therefore, need a natural ventilation environment, effectively eliminate the harmful gas of the store environment, taste or other mildew, give the wine a good growth environment. Uv damage to the wine is also very big, so want to long-term preservation of wine should as far as possible in a cool dark place. Although wine dark green bottle can keep out part of the ultraviolet ray, but cannot completely prevent ultraviolet enroach on, after all. Ultraviolet light is to accelerate the oxidation process of wine one of the main culprit. Vibration of the damage to the wine is purely physical, wine in the bottle, the change is a slow process, vibration will make wine accelerate mature, of course the result is also let wine become coarse. So should be somewhere far away from the vibration, and don't move frequently. 'On a news' red wine 'pa, pa' sound? 'Next news' thermostat red wine processing difficulty
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