Red wine touch hot on both sides, how to do?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-13
Red wine touch hot on both sides, how to do? 2019. 11. 19 as wine, by the people more and more red wine, grape wine, constant temperature wine also received people's favour, wine has become a beautiful scenery line in the home. The type of wine is also varied, when trying to choose can decorate a style to determine according to the family. Buy red wine touch hot on both sides, how to do? This is because some red wine with invisible condenser, the heat dissipation components on both sides, red wine is run, the high temperature of compressor discharge refrigerant gas, through the condenser cooling cabinet put oneself in another's position on both sides of the plate, so on both sides of the plate to fever, and as the external environment temperature is higher, the red wine also will be more and more high, the lateral plate temperature may sometimes up to more than 60 degrees. This is not red wine malfunctioned, as long as the temperature of the red wine is normal, can be at ease completely. 'On a news' red wine doesn't work the fault point troubleshoot and repair 'next news' stainless steel temperature of red wine can store wine can also be room decoration and ornament
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