Red wine: toast and pouring technique

by:Sunnai     2020-06-21
Red wine: toast and pouring technique, 2019. 07. 22 a bottle of wine is a kind of elegant and have certain skills. Ordinary should wine let a guest to watch first, and name the origin and year, show surface should make the guest see visually wine label. The most commonly used a bottle tools is a spiral drill with wood handle, lever type bottle opener and butterfly type bottle opener. When a bottle with a knife from outside the bottle sealed convex place will cut, remove the top local. Centering will then spiral cone gradually turned into a cork, then fasten the brim, and then slowly pulled smoothly will handle, cork sierra out; When cork from the bottle, the bottle stopper should be quietly pulled out, so as not to make a big noise - — In the process of the whole bottle should try to keep quiet. Open a bottle of take out the cork, can see the cork moist, if wet proof this bottle of wine adopted a more reasonable way of keeping, otherwise, the wine is likely to be due to improper safekeeping. Will also be able to smell the cork with and without peculiar smell, or stop trying to drink, to further confirm the quality of the wine. After must be correct to formally. 倒酒时应先从主人的右方起依次给客人斟酒留意女士、长者优先。 ( If you are a sommelier) When pouring, should let every guest can see wine label. Glass is always on the right side of the guests, so pour is also from the guest to the right, pouring, two-thirds capacity of ordinary white wine is poured into the glass, red wine is poured into the glass one-third capacity. Wine is poured too full is difficult to raise a glass, more can't sniff color, should be to assemble in the bouquet to keep some space at the top, make wine fragrance around here. 'On a piece of news is custom red wine can freely control the size of the temperature and the constant temperature and humidity' next news 'red wine label how to choose
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