Red wine - - - - - - - The oxidation of wine

by:Sunnai     2020-07-18
Red wine - - - - - - - Parsing wine oxidation of 2019. 07. Ten red wine in the brewing process were slightly oxidation is inevitable, this characteristic has promote role to the red wine, especially red wine, such as can increase the taste of dry red wine aroma complexity and reduce, etc. However, excessive oxidation can make the red wine, because of the wine ark of beneficial polyphenols and anthocyanins color components are easily oxidized substances. Oxidation can degrade these beneficial ingredients, make white wine presents a deep yellow or yellowish brown, red wine is present for brown, lost the red wine should be bright and fragrant flavor. Red wine ark can show the rotten apples, alcohol oxidation and vinegar to nail polish odor of solvent. These changes in color and aroma is judgment of red wine was an important index of abnormal oxidation. The oxidation of red wine can occur after the wine and bottle of all links, so the proper storage of red wine is very important. Red wine is rich nutrition of low-alcohol liquor, the degree of resistance to save decline with the low alcohol and sugar. If open a bottle of improper storage, or after a long time, will in a layer of pale velum, and shows the surface it can turn the alcohol in wine into acetic acid and make wine taste sour, Moscow, throat, and make the wine turbidity, this suggests that the wine has been metamorphic undrinkable, at best, can only be used for hot food. Did not finish drink half a bottle should cover the plug into constant temperature wine rack, in order to reduce the contact area of spirit with oxygen. Open a bottle of white wine can be placed after 3 - Red wine, five days, 7 days or so can be placed quality haven't changed much. 'On a news' what circumstances need to use thermostatic red wine red wine: 'next article' how to design the private house red wine?
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