Red wine the following problems is not a failure

by:Sunnai     2020-07-09
Red wine the following problems is not a fault of 2019. 10. 09 first buzz: stainless steel red wine for the first time to start or trial time, due to the working condition is not stable, so in the beginning makes a larger 'buzzing' sound, this belongs to the normal phenomenon, for stable operation, the sound will gradually decrease. Second wine ark of stainless steel water: red wine in the environment of high temperature stainless steel, we often can see wine cupboard door appeared a lot of water, even there are some water on the ground. This belongs to the normal phenomenon, this is because the red wine glass door stainless steel temperature is less than indoor air temperature, air in the glass door after will be liquefied form small water droplets. Stainless steel, therefore, red wine should be put in room temperature below 20 ℃ in the room, then appear this kind of circumstance, you only need a cloth to dry it, of course the best thing to do is install multilayer glass door. Click the third point: stainless steel red wine in stopping, start relay, such as thermal protector electric parts will be issued a 'clicking' sound due to the action. The fourth eruption: stainless steel refrigerant used in the red wine is in the state of the liquid is sprayed into the evaporator, thus makes a continuous or intermittent similar 'before' the sound. The first five vibration, vibration noise and stainless steel red wine the location of the place has a lot to do: ( 1) Stainless steel red wine is not adjusted balance, less vibration may cause a loud sound, please adjust wine balance, can reduce the vibration. ( 2) If stainless steel red wine placed on the wooden floor or near the wooden walls, sound will become larger. Will possibly not to be, please put the wine in the above the first 6: the flow of fluid in the stainless steel wine ark inside voice: this is refrigeration system of refrigerant in the circulation line flow, belongs to the normal phenomenon. Noted in the first seven: the technical data of power consumption is the rated power consumption, it is according to GB/T 23777 - 2009 standard, wine cabinet at 25 ℃ ambient temperature, the temperature control in the oven at 12. 8 ℃ below, do not open the door, the stable operation of the data measured by 24 hours a day. When in the wine is more, when the environment temperature is higher or the door frequently, the actual power consumption is higher than the mark of the power consumption is normal. 'On a news' red wine should be how to clean? 'Next news' red wine cabinet design makes your home show another amorous feelings
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