Red wine the configuration of the equations

by:Sunnai     2020-06-26
Red wine the configuration of the equation is 2019. 6. 21 people think commonly, buy a red wine but is to provide a constant temperature environment, if you want to save is ordinary wine, you can think so, but if you want to save more than five years old the strength of good wine, then choose the wrong red wine ark, certainly will let you regret. Because of good wine, storage environment cannot simply consider the temperature, such as vibration, sunlight and air quality, are the important factors that affect the wine storage. Want to buy red wine, the following elements have to consider. Element 1: compressor compressor is the heart of the wine, generally a red wine is good, the stand or fall of the compressor, accounts for a decisive factor. Mentioned before, vibrations are the negative factors influencing the wine storage, compressor if not quiet, plus material cabinet light are not serious enough, then a red wine will be due to the vibration of the compressor to drive the overall vibration, this makes wine in slight vibration environment, can't sleep well, anytime, anywhere can be jolt of wine in danger. So when the choose and buy of red wine, is the focus of the first to reference the compressor enough quiet, as well as the material of cabinet a stable enough, to make sure that the compressor, ultra-quiet operation is the most of the basic elements of a good red wine, in general, the European machine performance evaluation is higher in this area. Factor 2: light pollution although there is no direct exposure to the sun, but ultraviolet are everywhere, and destroys the liquor, is the ultraviolet ray of light. In general, closed completely opaque door is the best design is completely isolated ultraviolet. But general wine collectors didn't see his collection, always can feel like what's missing, so the wine ark that glass door design, widely welcomed. And the same is the glass door, filter ultraviolet function, with the cost of the common glass have sent a lot, so before buying, it's best to ask. Elements 3: air quality wine in the process of furnishing will produce harmful gas so2, and sulfur dioxide can harm the cork, and degradation liquor. Sulfur dioxide in the wine cellar can rely on natural ventilation rule out, but in the red wine this secret death cycle environment, sulfur dioxide will be accumulated. Generally 10 days open a door for ventilation wine ark, can rule out sulfur dioxide, but don't want to pay attention to the collectors will disturb a wine every ten days of sleep for a long time, so in view of the air environment, the most intimate with activated carbon is the design of the ventilation circulation system, so as long as every two or three years in an activated carbon, can keep the wine in good environment dominated by air. Four elements: humidity control humidity control is also a good red wine should have to, because the humidity will affect the cork, no humidity, make cork dry or wet, a fatal impact on wine. Wine suitable storage humidity is between 65% and 75%, and there is no humidity control functions of wine, probably compartments inside the average humidity is 55%, it's easy to let the cork weather-shack. Humidity control is the design of high class for red wine, not each have, so before buying, did ask the best function. Elements five: red wine cooling speed in just enabled, the temperature drop of time should be a gradual, rather than like a refrigerator plummeting. A good wine, the temperature control system can be used 24 to 48 hours, slowly to adjust the temperature to the required temperature, even the most sensitive wine, also is unable to detect the change of surrounding temperature. General parity wine ark, may be in summer within an hour of 30 degrees sharply dropped to 18 degrees, as is known to all, rapid temperature changes, either by cold or change from cold to hot, it's not good for wine. So the temperature control system is also a red wine of choose and buy must pay attention to the details. Red wine is best can filled with wine expert tips, do not have any openings. If unable to fill your red wine, the available empty bottles filled with water to replace the vacancy, such not only can effectively reduce the speed of the initial cooling, let the wine feel temperature change, and when to open the door, also can effectively slow temperature change contained in the cabinet. Configuration equations for wine in the wine red wine from top to bottom, with six degrees of temperature difference, the best set temperature is 18 degrees from the top to 12 degrees. The right is the wine storage methods in general is divided into four blocks, older and aged wine put the top; Young a little red wine with the second layer; White wine and pink wine put the third layer; Bubble wine is in the lowest temperature of the bottom. 'On a news' stainless steel temperature of red wine is to make you fondle admiringly 'next news' constant temperature of red wine how to work
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