Red wine storage of red wine to achieve what condition

by:Sunnai     2020-07-11
Red wine store wine what condition to reach 2019. 10. 22 a lot of people think, refrigerators refrigeration function, so it can be used to store wine. Wine storage temperature need 13 ℃, and relatively constant, and while a refrigerator can set temperature to 13 ℃, but the actual internal temperature and set temperature difference, generally between 7 - Fluctuating 18 degrees Celsius, such an unstable temperature for wine is harm is very big. Constant temperature wine with professional compressor and accurate temperature controller, to strictly control the temperature. Compressor is the heart of the wine, grape wine is good depends on the quality of the compressor. Because if the compressor is not stable, runtime with a roar will drive the wine ark, will affect wine is wine into a deep sleep. Excessive vibration will affect the quality of the wines, vibration can be said to be the damage to the wines are purely physical, wine bottle after the change is a slow process, vibration will make wine accelerate mature, let liquor become rough, so unless necessary, otherwise try to avoid frequent moving the position of the wine or place where often shake, be particularly careful when year old wine. Wine store also has asked for the humidity, because if the humidity will make cork lose elasticity, not tight sealed bottle, only changes in air invasion, bottle cork will shrink weather-shack, leading to air into the damage liquor; If the humidity is too high, can let the cork mold, cause mould easily bottle. In general, the storage humidity shall be maintained at 50% - About 70%. Wine is also afraid of the light, the light is easy to make wine, especially fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp and neon lights, the easiest way to make wine VAT changes, a strong unpleasant smell. , general wine were placed in the sunshine 6 months enough to spoil, isolate the ultraviolet ray and professional wine has the glass door. Wine can produce poisonous gas sulphur dioxide during storage, the gas will harm the cork, and degradation liquor. Of wines long stored, therefore, need a natural ventilation environment, effectively eliminate the harmful gas of the store environment, taste or other mildew, give the wine a good growth environment. Sulfur dioxide in the wine cellar can rely on natural ventilation rule out, but in the grape wine this secret death cycle environment, sulfur dioxide will be accumulated. Generally 10 days open a door for ventilation wine ark, can rule out sulfur dioxide, or loaded activated carbon of ventilation system. 'On a news' red wine grid standard size 'next news' red wine measures to prevent oxidation of wine
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