Red wine standard grid

by:Sunnai     2020-06-30
Checked the standard size 2019 red wine. 10. 24 red wine is used to hold wine wine, with red wine preserved the ideal environment, is one of the modern family standing furniture. Red wine can set a lot of grid, such deposit is in order to facilitate better red wine, red wine how many suitable grid size? Electrical appliances below small make up to introduce the red wine grid standard size! Red wine is specially used to store wine, points from the material, can be divided into wooden wine cabinet and electronic wine. Wooden wine cabinet is made of the a furniture store wine. Electronic wine is imitation wine natural storage conditions and design of a kind of electric equipment, is also a kind of small bionic wine cellar. Red wine how many suitable grid standard size? Now on the market of the common red wine grid size have different standards, the first is the height of the standard, for men, the height of the red wine is best in 1. 2 - 1. 9 m or so, whereas women can be a little less, at the same time, the red wine the thickness of the grid and clearance are not standard, if it's not the size of the market to meet the actual situation in the home, are well advised to choose a custom as well. Red wine grid more strict standard size, can be divided into three levels according to the average size of standard, at present the most common is also the most suitable should be moderate red wine, its width is 50 cm, depth of 50 cm, height is 80 cm, the average size is now in the market the most standard, calculated according to the size, can accommodate about 50 bottles of red wine. Of course standard size is not a single red wine grid, because consumer demand is different, so the red wine on the market standard grid and some small or large size, suggest you still according to the actual situation of their own homes, house area size to determine, so you don't have to worry about the choose and buy back the red wine cabinet size discrepancy. Red wine red wine grid standard size images! For wine lovers, wine tasting and collection is a great thing in life. So choose a suitable size of red wine is very right choice, I hope this article can help to you. 'On a news' is the red wine refrigeration method? 'Next news' red wine storage of red wine to achieve what condition
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