Red wine should be how to clean?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-04
Red wine should be how to clean? 2019. 10. 11 stainless steel red wine is used to hold wine wine, he has many characteristics, such as constant temperature, and humidity. With constant temperature characteristics of the wine cellar, red wine with red wine preserved the ideal environment for stainless steel. Below to introduce for you red wine ark of stainless steel cleaning: 1, should be regularly to clean stainless steel of red wine, 1 - at least every six months 2) 。 First cut off power supply when clean stainless steel of red wine, with a soft cloth dipped in water or tableware detergent, scrub gently, and then dipped in water will detergent wipe. 2, in order to prevent the damage of red wine box outside Shanghai juji layer stainless steel and plastic parts, please do not use detergent and scouring powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergents, days that water, water, oil, cleaning brush, etc. 3, stainless steel wine accessories contained in the dirty fouling, should be removed with water or detergent to clean. Electrical parts surface application of dry cloth to wipe. 4, clean finished, will be good power plug firmly planted, check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position. 5, stainless steel, red wine when not in use for a long time, should unplug the power plug, will wipe clean contents, ventilation and open the door, after being fully drying in the oven, will close the door. 'On a news' red wine open frequently 'next news' red wine appear the following questions is not a failure
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