Red wine meet different needs

by:Sunnai     2020-06-29
2020 red wine meet different needs. 04. 15, jing quasi constant temperature and constant humidity functions for red wine, red wine, can save 72 pens is equivalent to a small wine cellar. Import compressor and low noise, the specialized project wine show exalted temperament, coating technology of hollow glass door, du jue bright light effects on red wine. This red wine to provide professional storage environment, trust is also a lot of players love wine collection. The beautiful red wine the pursuit of quality first, the product has a solid circulating cooling system, the evenness of temperature in every corner, touch control, fashion and easy, double deck glass greatly reduce the effects of light on the red wine. Molding and integration of the fuselage, let the beautiful LF99 everywhere reveals the high quality, black pearl, red wood grain, brown wood grain 3 kinds of color optional, meet different needs. 'On a news' red wine doesn't work the fault point troubleshoot and repair a news 'under the' red wine how to clean stainless steel?
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