Red wine measures to prevent oxidation of wine

by:Sunnai     2020-06-23
Red wine measures to prevent oxidation of wine, 2019. 10. 19 point 1: choose the second point: the wine grapes with good quality control of the temperature during the brewing, try to keep low temperature the third point: keep a certain acidity of grape mash fourth: after the primary fermentation note seal, isolate air # 5: in the process of the grape, the sulfur dioxide before early, aging, bottling protection sixth are: the choice of materials and add quantity to scientific and reasonable number seven: closely observe various phenomena in the process of brewing, the process and quality control of each link state the first eight: painted filtration prior to bottling wine drinking measures the first point: professional wine grapes of the best drinking wine period 1 - after aging After five years, more than 5 years, wine began to decline, grape flavor substances and properties loss of the second point: the wine storage environment: temperature control in the 16 - to the best 20 degrees, humidity 75% up and down the third point: wine if it is made from cork sealed bottle, need tilt place to save, but need to check the integrity of the quality; If it is a polymer, can stand upright. Fourth: brewed wine or tested periodically sulfur content, sulfur when overflow losses, to complement in time. 'On a news' red wine storage of red wine to achieve what condition 'next news' stainless steel red wine label how to choose
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