Red wine manufacturing materials and key components

by:Sunnai     2020-07-08
Red wine manufacturing materials and key components of 2020. 02. 24 red wine is used to hold wine wine, it has the characteristics of constant temperature, and humidity. With constant temperature characteristics of the wine cellar, red wine with red wine the ideal environment. According to cooling methods of red wine can be divided into: semiconductor electronic wine ark, compressor electronic wine two kinds big. To talk about next wine customization enterprise -- — Red wine wine manufacture materials and key components of red wine materials used commonly: 1, the carton: lengzha board or wood. 2, the tank: embossed aluminum or plastic tank. 3, condenser: straight cold: high efficiency heat transfer back hanging wire condenser, air cooling: capacitor condenser. 4, evaporator, high efficient heat transfer tube plate made from aluminium structure/finned evaporator. 5, insulating layer: import environmental protection heat preservation material coefficient of thermal conductivity is extremely low foam as a whole. 6, layer frame: using sand Billy beech or oak solid wood or galvanized iron wire. 7, the hydrodynamic: stainless steel frame/aluminum alloy frame, plastic frame, with hollow toughened uv dark brown glass structure ( Main body: aluminum alloy door plastic door, the Kings' door, stainless steel door) 。 8, compressor, highly efficient and low noise compressor such as firm's compressor, ACC, panasonic, etc. 9, heating system: adopting computer control of electric heating system. 10, the control system: adopting the professional microcomputer control circuit system. 11, guide: using steel ball guide rail. 12, fan: the quiet fan. 13, refrigerant: environmental protection refrigerants, such as everything. When we choose red wine can according to the analysis of its several parts we buy red wine is to be able to see the following parts: the real key to store wine low insulating glass: in wine there are three layer hollow toughened glass front door is better than double insulation insulation, and easy logistics from being damaged during the transit. Low relay: in than single double performance wine starter relay relay device. Low compressor choice: when the compressor wine of choose and buy to ensure the compressor manufacturer is the best, the red wine compressor basically is domestic. Imported refrigeration compressor general small noise, the refrigeration efficiency, long life, quality and reliable safety. Low internal structure and material: when choosing red wine to pay more attention to the tank thickness, structure, thermal insulation layer, body armor. The structure of the red wine material decided to red wine is the wine storage quality. Low evaporator: red wine workmanship if use brass the evaporator. The export of domestic red wine mostly were made with aluminum, foreigners don't pay attention to these, we Chinese people are the most low carbon, long service life of copper tubes, aluminum 2 years later can appear the problems such as leakage. Some into copper plating aluminum tube surface, bad appearance identification, from red wine can see the body weight, weight must be brass. Low heating dew function: red wine with dew outside heating function, can prevent the floor when the weather is wet wet water, condensation outside the door. Low moisture locking function: with moisture locking adjustment function than without performance excellence. 'On a news' the difference between single WenHong wine and double WenHong wine 'next news' red wine show small endowment
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