Red wine is different from the refrigerator where stainless steel?

by:Sunnai     2020-08-02
Red wine is different from the refrigerator where stainless steel? 2019. 07. 16 a lot of people think that red wine is directly stored in the refrigerator, think red wine ark of stainless steel function only cold, but in addition to cold storage, stainless steel red wine also has many irreplaceable advantages in freezer, if not for a long time kept at the store of professional equipment, wine damage probability is greatly improved, give you analyze stainless steel stainless steel red wine manufacturer of red wine is different from the refrigerator where performance is different: stainless steel of red wine and refrigerators are equipped with refrigeration compressor, refrigeration effect but is not the same. Red wine ark of stainless steel refrigerating capacity is small, can only meet the needs of the general cold storage. And refrigeration effect is good, namely can refrigeration freezing. Capacity is different: refrigerator can hold all kinds of food, selective more extensive; Deposit and stainless steel red wine can only alcoholic drinks, selective is relatively single. Different structures: refrigerators can be divided into multiple zones of chilled/frozen respectively, and the general stainless steel red wine only has the function of constant temperature cold storage. Material: stainless steel red wine more elegant, the design of the material is put aside frame use high grade wood more. And the rack of the refrigerator is used more tempered glass and plastic. Why choose stainless steel red wine? Temperature requirements: the best temperature should be kept around 13 ℃, have done a specific analysis, some scholars think that the ideal temperature is 12. 8℃。 Changed the temperature, the harm of wine is also very big. Wine in the bottle has a secondary fermentation process, constant temperature requirements have stayed at about 12 ℃, temperature fluctuation is not greater than 1 ℃, so it is hard to ensure the wine storage refrigerator temperature requirements. Stainless steel wine ark with professional precision of the compressor and the temperature controller, for the temperature control accuracy and stability are better than the refrigerator. Humidity requirements: if the humidity is not enough, the wine bottle cork will shrink or even dry, light a bottle when in trouble, or loss of sealing function, cause air to enter, affect the fermentation of wine, the wine sourness. If the humidity is too high, not only can lead to mildew, bottle and a wine wine label is also easy to mildew, fall off, made the image of the wine. Red wine has a perfect ventilation system, stainless steel by stainless steel wine ark inside temperature and outdoor temperature difference, make the stainless steel wine ark produces moisture, can be appropriately increased internal humidity. And refrigerator, as one of the household electrical appliances, its internal for ventilation adjustment is far from constant temperature and humidity red wine so professional stainless steel, and the refrigerator will place other items at the same time, the smell of the mixed each other will also directly affect the wine. Suspension request: vibrations will speed up wine chemical reaction, have considerable effects on wine mature process. Red wine, shockproof compressor internal precision stainless steel, a slow, steady at work, is not in direct contact with the stainless steel red wine ark body, greatly reduces the various kinds of vibration, is the necessary condition to keep wine. Avoid light requirements: the ultraviolet ray in the light of maturation and aging also has a great influence, if the wine is exposed to strong sunlight for six months, is sufficient to cause the wine deterioration. Professional stainless steel red grape wine has a double uv glass door, can effectively prevent the light of the wine. Requirements of clarity: wine storage areas need to be no peculiar smell, need good ventilation conditions, do not mix with other things. For the refrigerator to store the other than the wine, food, fruits and other foods, life long stored in the refrigerator wine, easily affected by the smell. Choose single store wine red wine ark of stainless steel, avoid the odor pollution. 'On a news' red wine appeared the following questions is not a failure 'next news' red wine doesn't refrigeration?
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