Red wine is close to a high-tech refrigeration equipment store wine cellar

by:Sunnai     2020-07-02
Red wine is close to a high-tech refrigeration equipment 2020 store wine cellar. 05. 09 red wine is close to a high-tech refrigeration equipment store wine cellar. Wine in the factory after the actual is still in the fermentation process, if it is stored in the appropriate temperature and vibration environment, the microorganism fermentation process will be more fully, to make it taste more delicious. Good taste wine control temperature in the 12 ℃ - Between 15 ℃. At the same time, more important is this kind of wine cabinet USES the semiconductor refrigeration technology, work no vibration and noise. Heavy vibration can make wine in emerging markets, so there will be a great impact. According to the taste sour, this also is the compressor refrigeration wine can't solve the problem, so xiding semiconductor red wine is the good choice for you to store wine. Products using the advanced semiconductor electronic technology, cfc-free, environmental protection. 2) Adopt the leakage condenser, fast heat dissipation, cooling effect is good. 3) According to the characteristics of the wine storage, the temperature in the cabinet, 12℃— 15℃) Red wine taste better. 4) Product adopts variable voltage converter technology, as well as automatic temperature control, also can be according to individual hobby manual control temperature. 5) The wine storage layer are free to dismantle, adjust the up and down, storage space is more flexible. 6) Part of LCD temperature display, double wide transparent glass door design, multicolor process design, more show elegant nobility 'on a news' red wine moved how long you can use the 'next news' constant temperature required good red wine wine lovers
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