Red wine is a good choice wine collection

by:Sunnai     2020-07-01
Red wine is better choose 2019 wine collection. 6. 14 ecological constant temperature and humidity of science and technology: wine is a living, it also need a suitable growth environment. Wine particularly sensitive to the storage temperature, the ideal storage temperature is 14 ° C ~ 18 ° C, high temperature wine mature too fast, liquor are destroyed; Humidity is too low, slow growth, losing the meaning of the cellar. Our industry ling of the constant temperature and humidity of red wine first all-in-one technology has reached the requirement of military level, jing is constant temperature and humidity control, with low energy consumption, low noise, environmental requirements, is the good choice wine collection. Red wine professional design, the design for you: is the soul of red wine, we have a strong design team of experienced, design halfback. Our every designer has a profound wine culture background, understand enjoy wine, wine. You only need to give expression to your requirements, we can according to your taste, for you to create your obligate personalized red wine ark, build w store wine limited dream for you. Multiple art can always meet the most demanding you xiding electric red wine ark design into the diversified artistic elements, combined with the wine rack art modelling smallpox, art oil painting, art and so on the many kinds of forms, luxury, classical, country and so on the many kinds of style. With strong cultural atmosphere, classical art, create your personalized exclusive red wine. Exclusive, special custom: take customer as the center, focusing on the designer's services, according to your interests and hobbies, culture taste, personality features of haute couture, emphasizing the exclusive sense and personalized, the 'red wine' private for you. Senior custom solutions, reveal your individual character and unique cultural taste. Wine, when needs a good home, xiding appliances all solid wood wine jing from imported rare wood logs, through more than 20 process, every detail all show artistic aesthetic feeling. Solid wood wine rack adopts full manual docking mortise structure, strong wood tenon of natural original timber, interlocking, close firmly. The five-star service you can refuse? Whole process end-to-end one-to-one tracking service mode, in order to 'respect the customer value, exceed customer expectations' for the purpose, with the rigorous close service scheme and flexible and thoughtful service process, ensure that every customer is special exclusive personalized service quality. 'On a news' red wine to meet the needs of different 'next news' red wine cabinet temperature and humidity
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