Red wine: how to design the private house red wine?

by:Sunnai     2020-06-21
Red wine: how to design the private house red wine? 2019. 11. 14 with the rising of living standards, more and more people pay attention to the quality of life, and tasting wine is a kind of can improve personal taste, and a good way to relax. So if there is enough of living space area, just have a basement, and you just is a wine lovers, so might as well to rational utilization of basement design into a wine room, used to put all your love of wine, and such a wine storage space with a more professional and more suitable for storing wine conditions, can let the family members and friends wine together in such an environment, enjoy life. Red wine house is generally to the basement into a space, but the design wine room, various of indoor environmental conditions is very strict, such as temperature, humidity, lighting is to consider problem, can let the wine won't spoil in such an environment, keep good taste and colour and lustre, small make up take you see today the design key points of private wine room, help you to build a top wine. 1. Design site selection to save red wine space design is the most important is to choose a most suitable space, are generally will be the basement into a wine room, there are also some not villa space of the bedroom, can choose relatively dark place. At the same time a key is to stay away from heat source, to avoid red wine because temperature causes problems. 2. Thermal treatment of red wine to temperature condition is extremely harsh, generally speaking, the temperature inside the bedroom is on the 14th - 18 degrees Celsius, and requires constant temperature state, when be being decorated so, metope and ceiling materials to choose to have protect wet effect, make indoor temperature will not heat bilges cold shrink, also avoid the red wine taste and color changes. 3. Lighting lighting all have heat lamps and lanterns can't choose, had better choose cold light bulb, there would be no heat, no uv damage to the structure of wine. How to design the private wine room 4. Wine room ventilation ventilation and its important, because a lot of red wine basement room there is no natural ventilation, because there is no window closed space design, so we have to done by ventilation, can choose ventilation and circulation system, not only to indoor all sorts of peculiar smell, can keep temperature in steady state. That has grade a refined, sophisticated life cannot leave all kinds of professional space design, there is such a private wine room, can highlight the host's taste, can also cater to your interest in red wine. 'On a news' stainless steel temperature of red wine can store wine can also be room decoration and ornament 'next news' thermostat red wine processing difficulty
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