Red wine how to clean stainless steel?

by:Sunnai     2020-08-01
Red wine how to clean stainless steel? 2020. 04. 13 stainless steel red wine in addition to the usual natural flush, usually to be consistent twice a year of regular cleaning; Environmental conditions is bad, need to wash three to four times a year; In the humid environment conditions will cause pollution to the stainless steel; Any concrete or mortar containing chloride emissions should be immediately removed. 1. Rinse with water surface, remove the dirt as much as possible. 2. By using soap, liquid detergent or 5% of ammonia solution of water 3. Carefully rinse with water. 4. Finally, wipe off water, should ensure that all wipes are in the same direction, from top to bottom and overlapping for best, and then let the surface to dry naturally. 'On a news' red wine to meet the needs of different 'next news' air-cooled red wine with ZhiLengShi red wine works
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