Red wine for your home

by:Sunnai     2020-07-12
Grace 2020 red wine for your home. 03. 02 put a lot of people actually don't know red wine ark of stainless steel, actually the feng shui is also influential. Stainless steel red wine in the modern household has become an indispensable function, in addition to put wine, for home decoration also adds a lot of gorgeous color, red wine ark of stainless steel design and put it, of course, also is to have cultured, especially for feng shui is a certain degree of influence. In feng shui, the modelling of stainless steel of red wine is like a mountain, and overall modelling is relatively high and has a certain length, in order to decorate the effect, the red wine inside will also install a mirror to expand space, most of the red wine will be through the technique to make red wine more exquisite. And stainless steel red wine so big, and glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, here's the problem, if the red wine glasses is too big, in the aspect of feng shui will cause certain inconvenience, for example, is a valuable lens area is too big, it will not be able to put across the ark of god, this is the big fear in fengshui, because red wine ark of stainless steel mirror would make a fetish of incense come out, should avoid as far as possible, if it is appear this kind of circumstance, must put the two choose what mobile, can't direct illuminate, such ability make sure no problem. Red wine ark of stainless steel fine shape, one is put in the home that is very good, but so much volume, is in geomantic go up to anchor can be said to be the home of attributes, so at the time of placement, should be set according to house gossip feng shui bearing. Male host is grabbing the life, the stainless steel red wine should be put in the restaurant that east east, southeast, south and north. Male host west 4th life, stainless steel red wine should be put in the restaurant is moving west, southwest, northwest and northeast of the west. If put it in the male host kyrgyzstan, will be obvious, prosperous and flourishing, unlucky conversely. And one more thing to note is that red wine is not appropriate in large stainless steel tanks, because the stainless steel red wine itself is already a moisture of furniture, the nature of the fish tank is more special, he already has a fish such as the meaning of water, also have money, but the essence of the two relatively close, together will make the water too much, if it is unable to move, is the best way to put on a plate between the two lucky bamboo to solve this problem. 'On a news' constant temperature of red wine how to work a news 'under the' constant temperature required good red wine wine lovers
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