Red wine done much width is more suitable

by:Sunnai     2020-07-11
What red wine do more appropriate width 2020. 02. 21 wine red wine case size: 1, under normal circumstances is 300 mm, the size design, wine bottle usually stand; 2, thickness is 400 mm, the size design, the bottle can be horizontal or oblique, can design the red wine, red wine ( When placed for wine bottle stopper shall be soaked in wine, otherwise will be stale, so must put, horizontal or diagonal when placed upside down) 。 ( The larger red wine) Value is the average size: height 95 centimeters, width of 60 cm, 60 cm deep; ( Large red wine) Value is the average size: height 75 cm, 45 cm width and depth of 55 cm long; ( Small red wine) Value is the average size: height 50 centimeters, width, 43 cm, 45 cm deep. Above size is the roughly the size of red wine, you can refer to when decorating a room space; As for the grid size wood such as red wine, can according to the wine bottle of wine can accommodate several to calculate, big wine total capacity between 150 and 200 litres, can hold 50 - commonly About 60 red wine, red wine then each grid capacity of 3 liters. Articles by: red wine at http://www. cnsunnai。 Com shunde jia sen electronics co. , LTD. Offers, this view does not represent the home station view | view: 'on a news' red wine show small endowment demeanor 'next news' small family can also have red wine
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