Red wine don't know how to choose?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-14
Red wine don't know how to choose? 2019. 07. 12 wine initial function is used to 'care' wine, maintaining suitable temperature to make it not bad, but up to now, people have given new functions - — Decoration, wine has become a beautiful beautiful scenery line in many families, different wine bottle type, different colors and different fields, to indoor smooth add a lot of gorgeous color, make people feast for the eyes. But a lot of people when decorate, not experience, don't know how to choose wine, so today, with everyone together to learn about the wine selection considering what aspects. One, although the practicability of wine wine now modelling, design is rich, but its essential function is used to store wine, so must not only consider the beauty and ignores the practicability of the wine ark, if there is no actual use wine into a vase, that is against the purpose of the wine. Second, the size of the size of the wine wine does not have a unified standard, basically see the size of the indoor area and the number of stock, but the height of the wine is generally not more than 2 m, is too high to the inconvenience, but also easy to empty, after all is not wine, could not save too much in the home, the depth of the wine in 300 - mm 350 mm, the size of this was enough to satisfy most family daily use. Three, wine bar wine and bar is almost a match made in heaven, how can have wine was a delicate stage, if missed, so much. So when designing wine ark, consider supporting bar, can do the wine with a bar, so not only make wine more fashionable, also can build a kind of drinking atmosphere. Four, the type of wine wine generally divided into semiconductor wine and compressor wine, wine mainly through the transformation of gas and liquid refrigeration, has quick refrigeration ( And large capacity of refrigeration effect is good, etc. Semiconductor wine to semiconductor chip electric refrigeration, have no noise, no vibration, no pollution, small volume, etc. For the average family, storage capacity is not big, choose the semiconductor wine. Five, wine style is the style of wine in the majority with European or Chinese style, general selection of material is solid wood, wooden wine cabinet body frame made of solid wood, has the luxurious appearance, highly artistic feeling, can well with annatto furniture, rosewood furniture of form a complete set, elegant noble feeling. 'On a piece of news is custom stainless steel red wine were liked by many red wine merchants' next article 'what circumstances need to use thermostatic red wine
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