Red wine doesn't refrigeration?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-15
Red wine doesn't refrigeration? 2019. 07. 15 straight cold red wine: red wine ZhiLengShi compressor is through natural refrigeration, heat transfer by natural convection of the evaporator surface temperatures that reduce the temperature in the cabinet, so as to achieve the casing temperature uniformity, but not completely uniform temperature, low temperature cold source points close, from the high temperature cold source point distant locations. Relative air compressor ZhiLengShi compressor wine wine because of less fan stirring, relative will be more quiet. Air-cooled red wine: air-cooled compressor red wine is kept cold source and the air in the cabinet, with fans from cold source of air conditioning blow to the casing and stir. Built-in fan to make the air flow and a virtuous cycle, to ensure that the wine temperature uniformity and stability in the different space. Red wine red wine compared to the two aspects of air-cooled noise will be bigger than straight cold, the temperature of the air cooling will be some balance, straight cold will be affected by the environment, the temperature can't completely uniform conduction. Straight cold wine is made from sra aluminum panel, can ensure the humidity in the wine ark, excess moisture will transform in underwater by sink into the cabinet put oneself in another's position, air-cooled wine mainly adjusted by the fan. The causes of red wine not refrigeration such failures are: 1, expansion valve and the hydraulic valve improper adjustment, there is too much, the refrigerant in the refrigeration system, sealed valve plate components, compressor air cylinder piston wear, etc. 2 high voltage output buffer tube rupture, compressor, screw loosening or fixed this tube, causing high pressure pipe does not exhaust, low pressure pipe don't inhale, so the compressor is running, but not refrigeration. 3 leak, refrigeration system, refrigerant all fled away, and the compressor is running, but no refrigerant evaporation heat absorption in the system, so the refrigerator temperature does not drop. In 4, capillary jam, refrigerant could not enter in the evaporator evaporation heat absorption, the refrigerator temperature is not down. 5, red wine due to improper use or welding, have a leak in the refrigeration system, air-conditioner refrigerant in the refrigeration system in a certain period of time all miss will not refrigeration. 6, check the red wine is correct use gear, gear different power consumption and temperature have influence for the red wine. 2, 1 red wine not refrigeration method, in the condition of downtime, screw the import stem counterclockwise to the end, on the process of screw, fitted with special repair 'silk', connecting pipe and the pressure gauge, on reload table valve closed, the inlet valve stem clockwise around a circle, the inlet valve is tee state, observe whether the door pressure is normal. The air-conditioner refrigeration compressor, which can be opened, such as normal pressure, the pressure is reduced to normal. Contact with his fingers on the back of the compressor outlet to the condenser pipe, see if there is a significant temperature rise, if there is a certain temperature and evaporator pipe frost, it is lack of refrigerant; If the pressure drop, outlet piping without heat or hot and cool, then prove the existence of the refrigeration system of ice wall or dirty plugging phenomenon; If the pressure and stress of downtime. The proof of air-conditioner compressor valve plate component has a problem, compressor suction, exhaust lost ability; If the pressure is decreased, but less than normal, should see if evaporator frost-free or virtual frost, condensation. 2, cut casing, change the buffer tube, or screw tightening. 3, leak detected system first, carries on the weld of qualified, pressure, time, add refrigerant to a certain amount, usually in the evaporator with frost or refrigerator to reach the rated temperature shall prevail. 4, capillary or blockage in a dryer, outlet are fever, therefore, to tear open come down to clear! In addition, the household refrigerator generally have ZhiLengShi and between cold type two kinds, ZhiLengShi refers to by the evaporator ( Cooling pipe) Directly with the frozen, chamber heat transfer and purpose of cooling; Between cold type refers to the evaporator ( Cooling pipe) Separated and freezing, cold storage, by a fan blowing air into the cooling refrigeration, cold storage and to achieve. 'On a news' stainless steel red wine is different from the refrigerator where? 'Next news' red wine custom stainless steel were liked by many red wine merchants
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