Red wine doesn't conduct heat affect the temperature of the wine

by:Sunnai     2020-07-15
Red wine doesn't conduct heat affect the temperature of wine, 2020. 02. 15 half a 14 - sweet, sweet red wine 16℃; 16 - dry red wine 22℃; 16 - half dry red wine 18℃; Dry white wine - 8 10℃; Half dry white wine - 8 12℃; Half a sweet, sweet white wine - 10 12℃; Champagne ( Sparkling wine) 6 - 9℃。 A, the humidity environment of 65% relative humidity in storage for a long time. However, can keep between 55% and 80% relative humidity is very good. As humidity is low, the air is through the dry wine cork into the bottle and oxidation, drinks will penetrate into the cork; Such as high humidity will produce peculiar smell, and at the same time damage the label. B, the vibration of the vibration frequency interferes with sediment wine stability. Sediment with wine storage time naturally, but may be due to vibration and to return to liquid, is restrained. The other vibration also can destroy the structure of wine components. Wine the casing of the high-tech mute shock compressor refrigeration system, with shockproof rubber gasket, temperature control does not produce any condensation at the same time, the libraries in wine with care. C, the air circulation in the humid environment, air circulation is mainly to prevent growth. Wet the cork is easy to produce harmful smell, strong smell through the cork change the original quality of the wine. Breathing the fresh air in the fan air even escape from breeding d, uv ultraviolet ray can make wine premature aging or destruction of organic compounds, compressor constant temperature of red wine, especially the tannins, it mainly affects the wine aroma, taste and structure, so that the taste or smell is like the smell of garlic or wet wool; So wine storage where there is no light, especially for expensive wine, pay attention to prevent sun, lighting lighting, in particular, because these two kinds of light contains special harmful light waves under 400 mm. Our white leds, however, is not only the lighting equipment, because of no ultraviolet wavelengths become numerous choice of wine lovers, it's another benefit is also doesn't conduct heat affect the temperature of the wine. 'On a news' red wine, looking forward to enter your kitchen 'next news' to teach you how to buy red wine
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