Red wine custom size classification and planning

by:Sunnai     2020-07-06
Red wine 2019 custom size and classification of planning. 07. Ark of 26, in the modern family is one of indispensable items, collect their noble wine, present the art and taste, make smooth add aristocratic family. And in the design of wine ark, the design of the top let household harmonious collocation is very perfect, whole decorate a style to enhance, look a few level as a whole. Custom household in the whole wood, solid wood wine in a restaurant or in the sitting room is very important one part, can be a wine rack, bar, wine grid, let the glass after glass door show artistic breath. Customize a solid wood wine can let grace environment that occupy the home three points, show master life taste and culture. Wine cabinet size the size of the planning of domestic wine no unified standard, but also should with practical as the principle, can according to the household space area and the actual location of the wine to increase or decrease in design. Also consider to match with the coordination of household. Delta usually not more than 1800 mm, but the height of the actual best design according to user's height. In accordance with human body engineering, the activities of the human body area about 450 mm, the overall wine ark design space is around 1060 ~ 1270 mm. Delta wine ark height should not be too high, it is, avoid wine high center of gravity, stability cannot be guaranteed, and cause potential safety hazard; Second, take wine, not convenient. Note: a lot of people like in the home of a fan wall out, design a wine ark, forming an embedded wine. This kind of situation, need to consider abort caused by the wall to the other wall bearing force increase how much, also want to consider to bring wine ark of wall pressure will not affect the use of wine. Common classification of solid wood wine: wine body framework ( Oak, beech, rosewood, rosewood, etc. ) Wine with thermal insulation material is made and be become. Into the synthesis of wine: the electronic, board, PVC and other material combination of wine. Semiconductor electronic wine: semiconductor electronic wine is through to the semiconductor refrigeration device connected to a direct current, by absorbing the electric heating and cooling, a few minutes to a small scale in a layer of frost of wine. Compressor electronic wine: wine is through mechanical refrigeration compressor for refrigeration system of electronic wine. Compressor electronic wine cooling refrigeration system through it. 'On a piece of news is custom red wine and red wine finished products gap' next news 'red wine market share will be greater and greater
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