Red wine cabinet temperature and humidity

by:Sunnai     2020-06-30
Maintain 2019 red wine cabinet temperature and humidity. 11. 30 red wine if temperature is too high for a long time, red wine early puberty, taste too alcoholize, loss of sense of fruit flavor, mouthfeel is crude to swallow. Temperature is too low, red wine dormant, not their healthy growth and maturity; If the humidity is too high, the cork and label will be gone mouldy, and cork will increase the risk of breeding ground beetle. Red wine the humidity is too low, the cork is weather-shack, outside space into bottles, oxidizing, red wine taste bad; If severe fluctuation of temperature and humidity, cork will shrink, wine juice will be leaked out, and leakage phenomenon of wine. Wine cellar temperature should keep stable in 9 ℃ ~ 12 ℃, humidity to maintain stability in the 60 - 70. To avoid strong light and light for a long time, wine cellar in often use cold light bulbs. 'On a news' red wine, will you choose? 'The next news' stainless steel using red wine in the household decorates
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