Red wine appears 'pa, pa' sound?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-10
Red wine appears 'pa, pa' sound? 2020. 03. 23 used for years red wine appeared there 'pa, pa'? Usually when the electricity to start the compressor, frequent overload protector to beat and the 'pa, pa' voice. Why will appear this kind of circumstance? Under normal circumstances, the cause of red wine overload protector frequently beat the reason mainly has the following points: ( 1) Power supply voltage, the voltage is too low will cause the cake cabinet overload protector is frequent to beat. ( 2) Red wine in the refrigeration system condenser dust or dirt is too much, lead to poor heat dissipation, this will cause high pressure increased, the red wine compressor current increase, caused overload protector. ( 3) Red wine ark in the compressor motor winding interturn short circuit. 'On a news collection' good wine will need to have good wine 'next news' control stainless steel quality of red wine processing method
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