Red wine adjust temperature and humidity more appropriate?

by:Sunnai     2020-06-23
Red wine adjust temperature and humidity more appropriate? 2020. 04. 20 wine can not be in a very cold place, too cold, can make the wine growing slowly, it will stay in freezing state no longer continue to evolve, it lost the meaning of the cellar. Too hot, wine and mature too fast, not enough meticulous, make the red wine excessive oxidation metamorphism, even for detailed and complex wine is need long time development. The ideal wine temperature at 10 ℃ - - - - - - - 14 ℃ is beautiful, the most wide is 5 ℃ - - - - - - - 20℃。 At the same time throughout the year had better not exceed 5 ℃ temperature change. At the same time another important reason - — Is the best wine storage temperature constant. The wine in a constant temperature of 20 ℃ environment than every day between 10 ~ 18 ℃ temperature fluctuations of the environment is good. In order to treat the wine, please try to reduce or avoid severe changes of temperature, small temperature changes with the seasons, of course, still can be accepted. With a bottle of French second-class super chateau wine in our store, for example, if in Shanghai, home air conditioning sometimes not matured for a year at most will gradually broken; If in guangdong, the temperature is too high, the wine storage time will be shorter. 2) Humidity, temperature and humidity wine storage ideal humidity is between 60% and 70%, if you put a plate of too dry to wet sand to adjust. Or wine cellar wine humidity do not too high, so easy to make the cork and wine label going mouldy; And wine cellar or wine ark of humidity will make cork lose elasticity, unable to seal bottle. After the cork drying shrinkage will cause the air outside invasion, liquor can produce change, and make the wine through the cork volatilization, the so-called 'empty bottle' phenomenon. If in the north ( Such as Beijing) As a dry climate, if not properly preserved method, it is a good wine will put a bad a month. 'On a news' red wine doesn't work the fault point troubleshoot and repair a news 'under the' red wine not fault point screening and maintenance work
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