Put the red wine

by:Sunnai     2020-06-28
Put 2020 of red wine. 05. 19 decoration is a more important and direct way, this is about to put with the goods put cabinet put the combination of stainless steel, red wine is to attract attract customers, random must be reasonable put, put the note is to give the customer a space, and the guest to the bar after is free space, is a free space, to give the guests their own space, stainless steel, red wine is to give the goods to foil, so each item are integral part of the light, the lighting is show commodity decoration provides a rich space, good lighting effect to apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, stainless steel the location of the red wine will directly affect the bar business, bar wine for a living, so put position is very, very important, when a lot of people will buy a house is to decorate, please take a look at some of the feng shui masters to feng shui, look at the furniture put front, some guests have been very few, many shop owner would think to find the reason, most of the time only need a change of location will solve the problem, so a furniture also has a lot of exquisite not casually will achieve the ideal effect, red wine ark of stainless steel is the same. Red wine ark of stainless steel are put directly affects the beautiful and space bar, indirect also affects a bar business, business pay attention to profit, so red wine ark of stainless steel should put many considerations, choose an optimal placement. 'On a news' the air-filled type of red wine and the working principle of ZhiLengShi red wine 'next news' red wine three kinds of commonly used refrigerants compared to explanation
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